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A beautiful, intelligent, and sweet girl who will steal your heart from the moment you lay eyes on her. She has beautiful long brown hair and glimmering big brown eyes. Her smile is so beautiful she'll make you smile just by looking at her. She's the most perfect girl and cares for everyone.
Isaiah: Dang look at that girl Krystal
Oscar: Yeah she's mine
Isaiah: Your really lucky
by simplyyme January 02, 2012
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A beautiful tall, sporty girl. She loves to speak and express herself, and she likes to argue. She loves to be in love, regardless of anything. Her smile can light up a room, it is so radiant. She is funny, and loves to make people laugh!! she is decent and conservative, and somewhat mysterious.
Damn did you see that Krystal??? her smile made my day, I love her
by dujali1234 March 06, 2013
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1. (noun) A beautiful and talented woman. A woman that can make you smile even when she isn't smiling.

2. (adjective) Selfless, to reflect the needs of others before your own.
Krystal stopped in the rain to help a woman get her car started.

She gave up her lunch so that man can eat. That was very Krystal.
by The Uncommon Wolf April 11, 2011
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An ah-mazing girl everyone can trust and have much love for. She never lets you down and is beautiful inside and out. She is loving, caring, trustworthy, smart and dosen't hate. She is so much fun to be with and is a party girl! She loves and is loved by everyone.
Who she is such a krystal, im gonna ask her out.
by LoveYou475789436 June 26, 2009
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An irresistible beautiful girl who can make her very special sexy friend hard and horny and is very of it.
I just totally scored a Krystal last night!

Dude, you'll never get a Krystal.
by Blakeboy11 August 31, 2008
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An amazing girl who holds my heart dearly. Who I love. I can talk for hours with her and not get bored, I can come to her for anything. Even though we aren't dating I still love you.
"Hey is that Krystal?"
"Yup, and I love Her"
"I thought you guys weren't dating"
"We aren't but i still do."
by Daniel the positive August 29, 2008
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