the pretty word for female genitalia, since all the other words are ugly
by daphny February 4, 2004
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A euphemism for vagina or female genitals and genital area, etc.... Mostly used by females in jest. Also used by Kristin Chenoweth on the Ellen Degeneres show in her instructional ditty "You must Sing from your HooHoo". Synonyms and similar terms include Yoohoo. and va-Hoohoo
Amy: Hi Sarah how's it going?
Sarah: Not so great I got a weird itching in my hoohoo.
by beer-ocracy May 6, 2010
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Another name for female genatalia (vagina). When someone doesn't want to use the other names associated with the female parts.
Lisa said she used to play soccer, until someone accidently hit her in the hoohoo.
by slynnv May 6, 2010
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When you're so tired, but you manage to push through the tiredness by laughing.
by Sexhaver72 March 7, 2021
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A word that originated in upstate NY to describe a person in the city who wears their pants far below their natural waistline.
Someone should tell that hoohoo to pull his pants up
by turbo186 November 3, 2011
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your a$$
Jamal: Where is the banana?
Sarah: Up your hoohoo.
by kiana_hoohoo December 30, 2021
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