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My daughter is going to go homelessing this weekend. She laughs at me staying at home and thinks she's a badass camper with all her Northface gear but really she just drives her Volvo to the mountains and sleeps in it.
by Dr. Robstew June 16, 2019
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Noun: The act of being homeless, i.e laying in an alley to rest. Caused by the ingestion of too much liquor or other substance such as marijuana, crack, pcp, etc.
Joel: Damn look at River sleeping there he is homelessing again....

River: Leave me alone im tired and need to sleep

Joel: River! This is where you have been sleeping the last three weeks!

River: I,ve lost all communication with the outside world. Now give me a hit, homeslessing is the new trend in this day and age.
by BASEDLIFE November 11, 2011
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Going around your house, apartment, car looking for change.
Friend 1: Man, I was homelessing trying to find change to get some taco bell.
by JayEm001 October 22, 2015
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