a member of the counter-culture "revolution" from the mid-1960's until the early 70's. Generally, the polarized youth and young adults from that generation who were tired of the ongoing war in Vietnam, the social policies of Richard Nixon (then president) and the escalation of nuclear conflict with the USSR. Generally speaking, a movement of youth manifested in folk-style music, organic patchwork clothing and long hair as a rejection of the normative values of the time frame in lieu of peace, love and acceptance of others. Also, generally associated with casual sex coinciding with the advent of "the pill" (an oral contraceptive) and drug use dabbling mostly in psychedelics ranging from marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms to LSD-25. Most accept that the era culminated with the rock festival Woodstock in New York state, waning thereafter to the forthcoming "Yippie" or hardline political activists like Abbie Hoffmann of the mid 1970's.
"Son," dad said, "I was a hippy once. But those were different times and I strongly suggest you get the hell off my couch and get a job instead of sitting arounf all day getting high and watching Aquateens. AND GET A FUCKING HAIRCUT! You look like a girl!"
by gozagram March 4, 2006
cool people who enjoy eating lentils and smoking weed. occasionally make the odd lentil casserole.
give the hippy his flowers back dude! whoa.... thats heavy man....
by nomio February 21, 2004
upper middle-class white kids who spend their parents' money on weed and spend their time cursing god because they were born into a life that billions struggle to attain.
Your opinions on world issues are meaningless, hippy.
by sammy zipdisk January 5, 2005
a free spirited person who is in touch with their inner being as well as the world. Rejects the conventions of society due to all of the bullshit of society. a subculture of chill people jus lookin for a good time and tryin to get high and get by.
Damn that hippy had some dank herbal.
by nickthehippy January 8, 2005
people that believe peace is the answer to everything and all that shit, when all their beliefs are protected BY war and violence
Hippys suck
by mark mc spanky July 11, 2008
Someone who should stop bitching about everything, and get a job.
Man,you see that Hippy protesting at 1:00 pm on a tuesday?
by Bhesse June 9, 2006