a word that can used in place of "asshole" when a film airs on basic cable, especially when "Pineapple Express" airs on FX.


just a fun, playful alternative to calling somebody an asshole.
Dale: "You are a casserole. That's all you are - you're a casserole."

Saul: "I'm not a casserole! You know what, I, I feel pretty sure that I'm not a casserole. I'm like a totally nice guy!"

by Master Black Francis Bacon September 4, 2012
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n. a person whos body parts don't fit him/her giving the effect that he or she cut body parts off of another human being and sewed them onto him or herself
(In reference to a guy with short legs) Look at that guys legs...he's a casserole.
by A. Wright November 18, 2006
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A word used by Mr. Red in class which means 'good'. It was thought of by a friend of his who wanted to create a new meaning of an everyday word.
"These test grades are casserole!"
by GdAWG September 30, 2004
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a rude, manipulative, impulsive person who attempts to control their friends. your local casserole might make up lies, start drama, and only do things over text because they’re too awkward to do it anywhere else. stay away!!!
*claps aggressively* - casserole
by annoyingleo May 22, 2019
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n. Slimy vagina, texture similar to casserole
Man, I haven't showered in 2 days. It's like, making casserole down there.
by louiswain February 8, 2009
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Can replace shit in any situation.
You're full of casserole.
by Jordan Kronick September 29, 2003
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