The correct spelling of Hoffman. It's always better with 2 N's.
Wow, why does that douche only spell his last name with one N and not 2, it's supposed to be HOFFMANN?
by cchoffy55 June 25, 2009
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a/an big rig hoffmann is a sexy alpha farmer that has a huge penis and is in love with Luke Wiethoff, the big rig hoffman is also an amazing farmer but complains about his bad harvest every year
Wow look at that alpha farmer male too bad he is a big rig hoffmann
by Aspergers=massburgers October 4, 2019
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A person who really really likes memes, mudkips or cats. It doesn't matter so you choose.
Your such a Kurtis Hoffmann bro!
by That_weird_Cat_dude May 29, 2018
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A chunky Mexican that is best friends with Stevan Hawking and Pablo Eskebar. Pedro Hoffmann goes on wild adventures in Jurrasic park and drug dealing runs with Stevan and Ben.
Did you see that Pedro Hoffmann was arrested the other day. Did you see how thicc Pedro hoffmann is looking today?
by Donaldhumpylumpymexican September 7, 2020
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