A follower of the san-francisco originated psychadelic scene of late 1960's. Pivotal ideals include: sexual liberation, personal freedom, equality and universal love.

Definitive people/groups associated: Grateful Dead, Jim Morrison, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.

It's cultural context developed a political maturity due to the Vietnam war, so staunch pacifist beliefs and anti-war marches became part of the agenda.

Stereotypical labels of hippies that a considerable amount of morons will suggest: dedicate their lives to smoking weed, smell and don't wash, live in weirdo isolated communes.

Various irritating notions or beliefs that I regard as misinterpretations or mistakes directed at this period include: the assumption that anything ever changed as a result of hippy protests, that music has since been worthless and artistically devoid of truth or passion and that the hippy counte-culture the culminating point of youth rebellion.

The hippy scene owes some of its heritage to the preceding "beat generation" a period born primarily through the writers: Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady (although he didn't actually write much). The beat writers advocated and were fixated and passionate about sexual liberation, personal freedom and a spiritual perception of reality much routed in Eastern philosophy and Buddhism (Kerouac mainly responsible for the spirituality). This was also the first mainstream demonstration of a counter-culture emerging in America.

The enjoyment of drugs was another important facet of the hippy scene, although in a manner much different to the stereotypical picture. Morrison's fascination with exploring and cleansing the "doors of perception" most eloquently explains this interest: there was a desire to penetrate into a higher state of consciousness.

To my mind the hippy era was a prolific and admirably impassioned literary and muscial epoque. Although those individuals attempting to reprise and regurgitate their heroes should observe how music and art has changed so as not to repeat the same indulgences. Still though very groovy times.

A hippy now is a person who wishes to continue these idea's, attitudes and patterns of behaviour despite the forty years that have passed and the innumerable cultural changes that have occurred. But still the intentions are true and pure, and the period really did rock.
(in the 60's)
Dude! check out those hippies all dropping acid, listening to "the end" and having an orgy! let's join in
by passenger May 13, 2005
Hippies are peace loving, dick sucking, assholes. The think that no matter the enviroment should be saved at the expense of normal people. Normal places of sightings include: vegetarian cafes, Ralph Nader rallies, protests, San Francisco, Porltand, Oregon, Greenwich Village, New York, France, Europe, poetry readings, pot circles, shitty music festivals, gay bars, tied to trees, flag burning parties, Reed College, UC-Berkley, any college, and jail
by allen oh March 28, 2005
A hippy is someone who prefers to be barefeet and can't stand sitting for too long. They are social justicely aware of their surroundings, and enjoy being in touch with nature. Someone who wears birkenstalks with socks, and drinks from a Nalgene is definitly a Hippy. They are beautiful.
Because she was Hippy, she cleaned up the mess that was left on the lunch table.
by nevergrowup March 15, 2005
they drive vws and live in oregon
Look at that hippy driving his vw bus and living in Oregon!
by James CB February 16, 2006
Hippies were invented in the 1960s, but nowadays they are usually just another example of a fashion victim. They go on about being different all the time, so it's surprising that they all have exactly the same tastes and ideas.

1) Hoopy socks, especially girl hippies, and brightly coloured clothes in general.
2) They believe anything that someone with dreadlocks tells them.
3) They are often vegetarian, or worse, vegan, in the misguided belief that this prevents cruelty to animals. They don't realise that vole populations are decimated when a field of corn is cut down, or that humans evolved to be omnivorous.
4) They love anything Eastern, and astrology, tarot cards, and anything else that they haven't taken the trouble to understand properly.
5) They often do martial arts, but can't fight properly. Like they kick you really slowly, so you can just grab their leg and pull them over.
6) Oh yeah and many of them love drugs and hero-worship Syd Barrett, even though he went totally mad from too much LSD.
7) They love lentils because they're so versatile.
My mate Lisa is cool, but she's such a goddamn hippy.
by a guy who knows February 27, 2004
hippy is someone who in 1960-1970's lived on the west coast and just had fun...now a hippy is someone who just tries to live in this fing capitalism,triest to have fun,but can't...because JH is dead,and so is my little sad girl Janis Joplin.
Peace-we still love the farm!
A hand on a cock is more right,and pleasant,than a hand on the trigger...
by woodstock hippy June 3, 2005
Man...you all need to chill out and stop thinking hippys are dirty,smoke pot all the time,and do all the saving and protesting becuase were just damn crazy for no reason.Look at yourself now..as your reading this..what have you ever done!..huh did you make a revolution?..did you save hundreds of innocent people from killing babies and cutting down oxygen supplies?..no see hippys are people who number one do take showers!..but the reason why half of us dont is becuase sociaty okay is a place of rude ignorant people..and sometimes if you really want to make a statement you half to do it no matter what cost its at..as long as it gets people ego going on hey why is he not taking a shower..and so forth going on telling his friends all about this strange dude walking around not talking a shower..a sign of no verbal protesting no voilence but just that things go into a contiual cycle.Ovicly making one think about what he just saw.And second of all hippys are not stupid and worthless..we get people..we understand them..thats why we make protestes and signs saying "make love not war"..you know some would say your old enoght to kill but not for votin..its true if you really understud how shity amerika is now days..we have no rights..but alittle more then we had back in late 50 and 60s..you want to know who gave you those rights..HIPPYS..we stud up to those pigs and told them hell no we wont go..we gave you civil rights..and guess what else..george washington use to grow pot and so did thomas jefferson...those were some awsome dudes..so if you all igonorant people had a life..you would use it..and travel the fucking world you would sit outside in your car in the middle of a field tokin up thinking wow man..look what i have..no matter if your poor no home no money even no car..still you have your life and thats what us hippys are..were alive for once..you should try to think that way
"Hands on my boobs feel better then the hands on a granade"

by shaggy420 March 28, 2006