1) n. Buttox, butt
2) n. Backside
"You have, and absolutely breathtaking, hiney, i mean that things good. I want to be friends with it!"
by Dominik M. November 8, 2005
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A brown hole which lies between the upper body and thighs used for pooing, taking temperature, and occasional sexual penetration.
When little Timmy showed his mother a new trick she replied: “Timmy don’t stick carrots in your HINEY.”
by Juan Remerez July 5, 2005
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another word for butthole, colon, poop shoot, or asshole.
"Nick says Shaun sure likes it in the hiney hole"
by Nicholas Q August 22, 2006
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one who takes pleasure in the act of anal sex.
one who enjoys taking anal ravagings.

in other words...a gay man
bob had sexx0r wit joe. He r teh hiney-humper.
by jenou April 13, 2007
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What older generations think is high-pitched flatulence, but is in actuality, meaningless tweets that are the equivalent of flatulence.
It became apparent that his hiney tweets had laid the groundwork for his ultimate conviction once he leaves office.
by Dr Bunnygirl December 12, 2018
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Hiney Smoocheroo was first coined by Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live, April 25, 2020. Specifically, Pete explained the necessity of using this term because the language written on the New York City Health Department Memo was not appropriate for SNL and was subject to censorship. Hiney Smocheroo is the family friendly translation of municipal health department terminology for doing something sexual where the sun don't shine...

or put it another way, like a "man the moon".
Honey, don't give me no hiney smocheroo - not in quarantine! I don't want to eat shit and die!

Or like Dennis Hopper said on Blue Velvet: Hiney Smoocheroo? Fuck Corona! Pabst Blue Ribbon!!
by Bob Who April 26, 2020
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Vague sexual charge that courses through the middle-aged, flowy top covered body of The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. Hiney tingles are brought on by chaps-covered man ass, holey yoga pants, alleged foot blisters, and copious amounts of butter and Cool Whip in one's dinner.
Sour cream enchiladas. I love them. Sour cream enchiladas are my life. They give me hiney tingles.
by The Tingleless July 14, 2011
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