26 definitions by jenou

The best paintball gun there is.
It includes the latest opto board, a bright as day 2-color OLED screen, unlimited rate of fire way upwards of 30 balls per second, one of the smallest profiles of any high end paintball markers to date, laser Angel Eyes, and the legendary Angel soft face bolt.
OMG my black polished Angel 1 is so sexy. It rips faces and is teh awesome sauce.

Dude. I cant play against that dude. His Angel 1 is too good for me.

My Ego cant compete against an Angel 1. I give up.

by jenou April 28, 2007
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Anyone/anything asian in nature. Anyone/anything that has an Asian feel, sound, look, or style. Also, someone who is infatuated with asian culture.
This movie is asianesque.
That girl is asianesque.
That anime nerd is asianesque
by jenou April 14, 2008
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The root of the word Lipe is lipo, which refers to fat as a noun.

Lipe::noun:: A Lipe is a rather fat individual. Someone who is obese, or even just a bit wide in the belly can be referred to as a Lipe.

Lipe::adj:: A food which has a high fat content, or an activity/lack of activity that may lead to obesity can be referred to as Lipe.
Damn. Did you see that dude's rolls? He's a lipe big time.

C'mon, man. Doritos are real lipe. Keep eating those and you'll be 300 pounds.

Dude. All you ever do is play video games. Do you know how lipe that is?

Keep doing nothing. Thats so lipe.

by jenou April 28, 2007
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a chopper with handlebars so high up, the rider has to almost fully extend his/her arms to reach them, making him/her look like a monkey hanging from a branch.
Damn, did you see that monkeycycle? That dude looked like he could barely steer.
by jenou October 17, 2007
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noun:: one who looks at, and/or masturbates to anime porn. see hentai
dude. thats fuckin sick. i can believe you get off to that anime shit, you sick paper raper.
by jenou April 22, 2007
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penis. 1337 way to say penis, cock, or any other referral to the male genitalia.
kiss my ass and sux mah penor!

my penor is 11 inches long.

u wish u had mah penor!

This movie sux teh penor.
by jenou April 30, 2007
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