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The best american car, and the bane of all imports. A must for American car enthusiasts who have an extra 120K to throw around. Plus ricer racers fear it like the grim reaper.
Ricer Racer: OMG it r teh Ford GT!
Ford GT driver: lol@you
Ricer Racer: Shit! Run! Our skylines can never win!
Ford GT driver: haha, you better run!
by jenou April 29, 2007
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-kind nug means really good weed. see kind bud. Always comes in the form of nugs. No seeds, all bud, just right.
-what you got, regs?
-naw, man. you know I got that kind nug.
by jenou May 23, 2008
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Someone who sucks a penis and then chokes on the penis/ semen. Sometimes a dick hoffer who gets a dick stuck bad enough in his/her throat, that he/she is rushed to the nearest hospital to get the penis professionally removed from their esophagus/larynx.

The word dick hoffer comes from the word dick (penis) and the word hoff, which is an otomotopia for someone choking on a large object.

The word Dick Hoffer is used to describe someone who frequently gives head. I mean really REALLY frequently.

-Sometimes used in referrence to someonewho is annoying, stupid, a jerk, etc.
"Dont go out with that girl, dude. She's a dick hoffer big time.

"Damn, that guy is such a dick hoffer."

"Dude, dont be such a fucking dick hoffer!"
by jenou January 20, 2007
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The main enemy in the hit anime Ronin Warriors.

Talpa is without a doubt the most badass anime villain of all time. The way he speaks, fights, and his armor all flow together to create one awesome ass-kicking machine whose name is TALPA!
lol. Talpa just pwnt Ryo.

Shut up. Talpa could take Naraku with his arms cut off!

Talpa is the best.
by jenou April 30, 2007
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to butt into an otherwise interesting and in-depth conversation and make it completely sour and pointless.

bob: so anyway, I was out with Julie last night...
joe: really? how was that?
bob: it was great. she's pretty, smart, caring and--
alan: hey d'ja hear about the car crash on i95?
alan: what?
bob: screw you, alan. convoraper.
by jenou May 1, 2007
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penis. 1337 way to say penis, cock, or any other referral to the male genitalia.
kiss my ass and sux mah penor!

my penor is 11 inches long.

u wish u had mah penor!

This movie sux teh penor.
by jenou May 1, 2007
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one who takes pleasure in the act of anal sex.
one who enjoys taking anal ravagings.

in other words...a gay man
bob had sexx0r wit joe. He r teh hiney-humper.
by jenou April 13, 2007
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