Putting in the hours with a girl, normally a male trying to score with someone who is out of his league.
" Jesus christ, how did but face get that minx?"
" Months of groundwork mate."
by Charlie-standard-blad. February 5, 2008
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The subtle art of attaining an individual of desire through hark work and patience.

Stage 1: Initiation
Stage 2: Sustained communication
Stage 3: More hard work and no play
Stage 4: BOOYAH!

Also known as Laying the Gary

The opposite of pash rape
Greg spent all night at the bar engaged Gary Groundwork whilst his mates hit the dancefloor for a bit of Pash Rape action
by wannabeerased January 7, 2008
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when a guy or a girl starts a conversation with the purpose of getting a phone number or getting laid.
Guy: i think you should come here more often
Girl: hahaha i will
guys friend: ayyye nice way to lay groundwork
by Wetzpretz April 28, 2013
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'Gary Groundwork' is all about laying the foundation for desired sick leave (i.e. unjustified sick leave). This can involve over fake coughing, forced sniffling or pretending to lose one's voice. This is usually supported by verbal commentary such as 'I think I'm coming down with something'. Expertly performed 'Gary Groundwork' dupes co-workers and draws unwaranted sympathy. Therefore, when you call in sick, others have noticed that you supposedly had certain symptoms and comment accordingly.
Is Melanie really sick or is it just Gary Groundwork
Geez, Melanie is laying on the Gary Groundwork nice and thick today!
by TTttttrrgsrgrgrsgdvsegseg July 14, 2017
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Someone who does all of the hard work of buttering up a girl, only for someone else to swoop in and steal the benefits. Gary spends a lot of time being nice and making the girl feel really 'comfortable' for only for someone cooler to actually get laid off it. He tries too hard, but always ends up getting the girl in the mood for someone to take over. "Jim" (Jim's mowing) is the counterpart who usually "cut's his grass" and takes all the benefit of poor Gary laying all the ground work.
Fucking Jared stole that blonde off Joel the other night. Joel was doingthe biggest Gary Groundwork chatting to her all night, and Jared just steps in at the last minute and starts tongue lashing her. What a fuckwit.
by FemShepAU December 28, 2016
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