The best comfort food anyone could make me. It's feel good food. Cheese, Beef and/or Chicken.
Get in the kitchen and make me some freaking enchiladas...please!
by Erin Zander June 27, 2008
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Not a Burrito or Quesadilla or a Fajita but a classier type of corn tortilla wrap; Normally covered with cheese and marinated in sauce; the only acceptable time to get Lost in the Sauce; If said one syllable at a will realize they're En-CHILL-adas, making them one of the illest type of corn tortilla things out there.
Person 1: Man, I really liked the Burritos your Abuela made for us yesterday!
Person 2: How dare you disrespect my grandma like that! Those were Enchiladas!
by andimak2639 December 27, 2019
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package or group of items. also related items to a topic.
Going the full distance or completing
by el jefe October 17, 2003
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Colombian cocaine of excellent purity. According to Busta, this coke "makes bodies numb when fingers in white it sparkles like it got crystals in it."
Oh shit, that's some good enchilada! My whole face is numb!
by Manuela E. July 13, 2006
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word used by stupid people who think they speak spanish
blah blah blah, enchilada!
some bitch: oh ididnt know that you speak spanish!
by Behnaz February 27, 2008
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-A food of latino descent.
-The consumption of 3 or more may run the risk of death.
by Namaesja July 6, 2019
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The holy Enchilada. Prior to other beliefs, it is not a sexual action. It is the act of worshipping a higher power of pure dominance and splendor.
Dude, I totally summoned the Enchilada today in my basement with my boyfriend.

Did you go to church today?
- Yeah, I prayed to the Holy Enchilada.
by prophetofwisdom December 20, 2010
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