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When a male is standing up peeing, playing bomber pilot is the fun act of rotating back and forth trying to cut a piece of toilet paper in half with the stream (of bombs).
After my mom took a leak, she usually didn't flush, so the next of us kids got to play bomber pilot with a lot of targets.
by BillyBuggy July 29, 2009
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A way of predicting the winner by combining the results from each of the major polling sources.
Today's news predicted the presidential winner using what we might call the "polltoral college."
by BillyBuggy November 7, 2016
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People think that it is unbelievable if a presidential candidate wins in the electoral college but has 5 to 10 percent LESS popular vote. This definition shows an absurd and extreme, but illuminating example of how the loser in the presidential election can have an arbitrarily high percentage of the popular votes compared to the winner, i.e., way more then 5 or 10 percent.
Suppose there are 540 electoral votes. Divide the states into two groups, one having 271 votes, the other 269. Suppose in the "271" states, only 1 person in each state votes Democrat, 0 Republican. Suppose in the "269" states, 0 vote Democrat, millions Republican. Then by the electoral college majority, the democrats win but the Republicans have a million times more votes than the Democrats.
In the 2012 presidential election, it initially appeared that we might have an electoral college paradox. But the Democratic popular vote came back up and it was avoided.
by BillyBuggy November 9, 2012
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When a person is given permission to use something only in an emergency and their rationalization of what constitutes an "emergency" becomes laxer and laxer each time they want the thing.
I told Bob he could use my car only in an emergency but last night his creeping rationalization made him think that missing the basketball game was an emergency.
by BillyBuggy November 14, 2010
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The annual health test that every laptop should get, sometimes leading to a repair job.
My laptop is kinda choked up right now, better take it in for its annual lap smear.
by BillyBuggy April 3, 2009
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Rounding a price downward if you want it to appear inexpensive, but upward if you want it to appear expensive.
Joe, you should buy one, they're only, like 2 bucks!
Joe: They're $2.99, what a major rounding for effect you just pulled!
by BillyBuggy September 8, 2018
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Someone who is quick to make a suggestion about what to do or what he would have done in a situation that has already happened.
Bill: Yea, I opened my car window and forgot that my application was sitting on the seat, and it blew right out the window.

Dan: What I always do is before opening my window is look around and see if there is anything that can blow out.

Bill: (Thinking) What a hindsighter you are.
by BillyBuggy March 14, 2011
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