Hinching is going to various Supermarkets and stocking up on cleaning products then using said products to 'clean' with.
I use the word 'clean' loosely as after perusing numerous examples of said 'cleaning' I have very rarely seen anything that was really dirty to begin with.
Very often during the 'cleaning' process different products are mixed together... which then can lead to inhalation of toxic fumes.
Cleaning cloths and products are very often given names which are mostly chosen by Mrs Hinch (the leader of the Hinch Army)
I spent today hinching my home.
by SLMoi November 7, 2018
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To fuck stuff up, to ruin or fuck about with, tend up-scale
‘ I have hinched this perfectly good wooden mirror by making it shoddy shit’
by I.love.it August 31, 2021
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Derived from Instagram. To hinch or be hinched. A term for intense and methodical cleaning or organising.
by MilsD January 10, 2019
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A small measure or remnant of something.
A cross between a hint and a pinch.
I added a hinch of lemon to the punch.
by sssssGabiH January 29, 2018
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A combination of the words hint and pinch. Applied in situations where someone doesn't get the hint, which is a common enough occurrence to necessitate the extension of a pinch.
Looks like Eugene's havin some trouble with that puzzle. Why don't you give 'im a hinch.
by catholicbooty May 27, 2016
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Following the explosion of instagramer mrshinchshome , who has now been on TV programs such as this morning "hinching" is the act of cleaning. In particular, thorough or obsessive cleaning. The online community is now toppling 1 million members and is causing UK nationwide cleaning product storages and sell outs.

To hinch has now become a common turn of phrase particually for female millenials keeping home.
Associated with the hashtag #hincharmy
Today, I have been Hinching my cupboards.
I'm about to hinch my bathroom.
by Urbanpseudonym123 October 7, 2018
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