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Someone who has been put in his place after fucking with someone else's father.
See hinning.
A man fucked with my father tonight. I put hin in his place.
by xxx February 19, 2007
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Hin, to (v).

An act of retribution (putting someone 'in their place'). A hinning is dealt out by the hinner following a prior transgression of the hinee towards the hinner.
A hinning may take any form; mental, physical or electronic (see 'e-hinning').

A hin requires a degree of righteousness and deserved retribution - when you hin you are 'putting one in one's place' for something wrong they have done to you or others.
For example, if one walked up to someone and beat them up for no reason, while that may be so-called 'pwnage', that would not be a hinning. However, if said attackee had, say, insulted the attacker's father beforehand, any subsequent kicking dealt out would be a textbook hin (or 'hinning(s)').


From a typo in a thread (see below) on the Dogs On Acid forum ( in 2003, which has since grown into a meme beyond said forum.
First known usage as a verb (or a variation thereof)came in late 2006 when one user coined the expression 'e-hinning' (see below)


Origin of 'hin' as a word-
Thread title:'A man fucked with my father tonight. I put hin in his place.'
From (link too long, go to dogsonacid and search)

First known usage of 'hin' as a verb-
Thread title:'straight up...the next fucking person...'
From (link too long, go to dogsonacid and search)
1) I am going to Hin you.


3) straight up...the next fucking person...who leaves me a shirty message on my aim cos i didn't get back to them on something when they want, or is always offline by the time i get back to my going to get a serious e-hinning

by Continuity-B March 23, 2007
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an acronym for "hot import nights". a car show comprised of mainly fixed up import cars. originated in california but tours around the country. it used to be fun and interesting to go to until "the fast and the furious" came out and everybody and their mothers decide to show up.

people that usually go to hin:
-stupid azns with 3 ft. spiky hair
-slutty girls who do not know anything about cars
-people who actually like cars
-people who actually like cars's girlfriends
-perverts who like models(but who doesnt)
1. oMg I wEnT 2 HiN aNd DeRe WeRe LyKe s0o0 mAnY h0t GuYz
2. -dude wanna go to hin?
-fuckin a dude sasha singleton is gonna be there
by monotone September 26, 2004
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A minor god in the pantheon of modern gods, Hin is an albino homosexual given to public displays of affection with his consort, the Nose-Picker. May be used in an affectionate, playful, or derogatory manner.
Omg you hin.

You goddamn hin.

Lol hin.
by Fors May 19, 2007
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Giddiness due to unforeseen and inability to comprehend circumstances.
More commonly used in conjuncture with other language(s) in multi-lingual places.
(English) I feel very hin, because of what he did.
(English) After watching Miley Cyrus's music video, it made me feel very hin.
(Hokkien) After what he did, I feel sebei hin.
(Hokkien) Hin-ah, hin-ah, hin-ah, …
by Rickz November 18, 2013
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