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a drink made from coffee beans. people drink it because of its content of caffeine. some people drink it because they think they look cool walking into class with a big ass cup off caribou coffee talking about how they need to wake up yet its 40% cream 40% sugar and 20% coffee
wanna get some coffee?
by monotone September 26, 2004

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first i just want to say, before i start my definition, that soultoast is an idiot because he cannot spell simple words such as "unrecognized", "instrument", and "beauty" so just disregard his definition altogether.

a bassist is a person who either plucs, picks, or slaps a bass. generally more musically inclined than a guitarist since the guitarist(and ill admit it because i am one) plays mostly for show(unless classically trained because thats different from rock and metal of sorts). bassists dont usually get solos because its not part of their job description but when they do it is usually amazing. ex: anesthesia. as great and important a bassist is to making music, he will never be cooler than the guitarist. i say that with all honesty.
contrary to popular belief, cliff burton wasnt metallica's first bassist, ron mcgovney was. cliff burton was fucking awesome though.
by monotone November 14, 2004

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the illest nigga alive and he's proved it. he'll snatch your crown with your head still attached to it. he's the type of nigga that'll fight for mics. beatin niggas to death and beatin dead niggas to life
who can? the canibus man. the canibus can with the stamina to damage a man
by monotone October 28, 2004

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1. unable to die
2. a great metalcore band from raleigh, nc. their new singer is female but can scream like the rest of the boys.
1. "omg this fucking zombie is undying!"
"duh shoot it in the head"
2.undying rules. buy all 3 of their cds
by monotone November 18, 2004

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acronym for "battle of the year". a breakdance competition involving many countries. takes place in germany every year. each crew performs a routine and the 4 best crews battle for the win. very entertaining to watch but other events have much better battles.
the gambler crew from korea won boty 2004
by monotone November 01, 2004

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1. bogusness of immense proportions
2. an extinct dinosaur that was bogus
3. how i say bogus
"i was hungry so i ate your cookies"
by monotone October 31, 2004

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someone with a prick for a face? used by people who arent clever
dude youre such a prickface
by monotone September 26, 2004

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