A singleton is the name associated with women that only have one nipple. The name originated from England, when a girl by the name of "Singleton", who was later found to be mentally challenged, was found running down a busy motorway completely naked. The most distinguishing feature of the crazed girl was the fact that she had a large right breast and a "deflated" left which did not show any form of nipple. Thus, the term "Singleton" was born.
"Holy fuck bitch, you got a damn singleton, get off my cock!"
by Colonel Cocklong January 20, 2010
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the term given to the rare disorder of being born with only 1 testicle instead of the usual 2.
holy crap dude that guy's got one huge ball!

yeh, its a singleton!
by Ballstein the Magnificent February 10, 2011
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A little human-like creature, that, with every generation gets a little smaller. In near future will be used as a pet. That often prays on females 2 years or more its youth.
Hey look! My singleton just shit on the floor and now he is having intercourse with my 10 year old daughter.
by eastcoastballer7 April 14, 2008
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A male or a female who has no active moral, emotional or sexual partner of the opposite gender.
You singletons will never understand the feeling of having a girlfriend! I surely have one! I am not lying..
by AristotleGiovani May 31, 2020
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A single sock missing it’s other that would make it a complete pair.
Wtf Scott, you and all your mismatched socks! What are you going to do with that singleton you pulled out of the laundry basket? Put it in your drawer by itself?!?
by ScottySez April 28, 2020
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The Singleton - What one is left with when a man shaves his entire pubic area. All of the hair above the shave as well as the undercarriage (huevos) is removed.
Man, man girl loves it when I give myself The Singleton before we make love.
by Johnny Jackass November 19, 2006
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1) Token black guy
2) Large assed individual
3) Complete and total darkness
4) One who shots and robs other people
5) Gun totting black guy
That girl got a singleton sized ass.

Its darker then singleton tonight.

I'm going singleton on my boss today.
by Uss Antiteam November 17, 2008
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