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1. a treatment where a person's inner turmoil and emotional pain is healed by good loving romantic sex.

2. a euphenism from a classic 1983 Top 10 hit by that name by the late great soul superstar Marvin Gaye.
1. Man I feel rotten today! There was a lot of assignments at work today and we had go thru some stupid Mickey Mouse rigmarole to get anything done. Also, who let these idiots out on the road? Don't anybody know how to drive in the city anymore? Still, after I get home, eat dinner and shower and cool off my baby can give me sexual healing and I'll be OK again. It'll be good for me and her.

2. On the TV comedy "10 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter" Katie Sagel asked John Ritter (R.I.P.), "Do you believe in sexual healing?".

3. When I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live in Columbus, Ohio in 1999 Bruce and Little Steven sang the lines "It takes 2 baby
It takes 2 baby
For me and you..." at the tail end of the 1981 hit "Two Hearts" as an obvious nod to Marvin Gaye. At a later song the band detoured into playing the Al Green/Talking Heads hit "Take Me To The River" and in a ritual he often performs on time Bruce told a fictional story of how he got started in the rock'n'roll business and how the E Streeters came together. He talked about how he went to "the river of redemption with the healing waters of sexual healing". Then he shouts, "I ain't bullshitting you!" Then he went on, leading to band member introductions and finally goading us with "Do I have to say his name?" to introduce the "Big Man" Clarence Clemons.

This dialog is repeated night after night in some form. It's featured on the double CD release "Live in New York City" from the same tour I saw them on. That album's show was also broadcast on a HBO special.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 14, 2009
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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hit 1982 song by Marvin Gaye; the ultimate love making song
I got sick this morning
A sea was storming
Inside of me
Baby I think I'm capsizing
The waves are rising and rising
And when I get that feeling
I want sexual healing
by SGeezyweezy April 25, 2008
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1. A song by Marvin Gaye that evokes horniness
Mike: Oh man, that chick just gave me a sexual feeling.
Me: What do you want me to do about it?
Mike: {turns on mp3}..."sexual healing!"...
by hkonch April 03, 2009
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When you are suffering from an ailment of sorts and the only cure is that of sexual roots. Can be fulfilled with oral, anal and regular sexual means.
"Oh I have sars, oh no!"

"I will spray PP juice on you"


"You are cured"
by The lord of the PP July 06, 2003
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healing by way of SEX

noun(sexual healer): one that believes in healing by a sexual nature, and likes it a lot
perry said to sam give me some of that sexual heeealing baby
by betttttty December 11, 2002
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a heCtic song by marvin gaye. " hot just like your oven..."
a song you sing to your lover-i would sing it to lee, because i love lee.
by not shane October 22, 2003
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