An Italian explorer who rediscovered a continent that most Europeans at the time had no previous knowledge of, and whose voyages set off further exploration and colonization of this "New World," resulting in his being credited for its discovery.
Things CAN be discovered more than once. In general, people in Europe didn't know about the Americas before Columbus' voyages, and the resulting colonization means that most of the people living in the Americas today are at least partially descended from Europeans. No one alive today who says that Columbus discovered America actually thinks the land was uninhabited when he found it. The proper understanding is that, from a eurocentric point of view, Christopher Columbus discovered America, which is true.
by Ima Linguist September 28, 2020
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An italian admiral famous for having discovered the Salvador islands in october 1492. He reached his destination after over 70 days of navigation, and erroneously thought he landed in the eatern Indies, hence the term "Western Indies" to refer to America (which takes the name after another famous italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci) and the use of "Indian" to refer to north american natives. Recently the image of Columbus was defiled by left leaning political agendas that labeled him as a murderous power hungry invader, yet despite this people always forget that without him the modern geopolitical landscape of the New World woudn't exist, including the USA. He was a great man who had the balls to venture through uncharted waters with the ever looming risk to never come back, and he deserves every bit of respect one could possibly give. Also despite Leif Eriksson having discovered modern Terranova 200 years earlier, he never created trade routes nor permanent colonies and thus his contribution to exploration can be considered negligible compared to Columbus.
Christopher Columbus' statue was recently defiled by a bunch of brainwashed rich college boys with guilt complexes
by sepia_officinalis April 16, 2021
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"hmm I wonder who Christopher Columbus is.."
"hes a bitch."
by November 10, 2021
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a guy who found America after the native Americans and after the Vikings and he also commit genocide against the native Americans and rapped minors after he enslaved them and brang them yo Spain so don't celebrate st.patricks day
by the god liam March 17, 2021
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While sucking a bro off, you give their dick an Indian burn after wrapping an Italian food (pizza) around it. The Italian-Indian cultural fusion gives the sex act its name.
"Dude, my homie just gave me the Christopher Columbus of my life and now I gotta go to the ER for third-degree burns on my genitals"
by i do not care bruh March 14, 2022
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the act of a fraternity guy, roofie-ing a girl and then driving her hundreds of miles away and then dumping her in the woods in hopes that she can find her way home.
Brad: What happened to my girlfriend, (insert slut name here)?
Zach: We gave her the ole Christopher Columbus. You won't have to worry about her for a while.
Brad: Sobs in the corner while masterbating into a sock.
by Affen Ficker December 24, 2008
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The urinal game of finding the target on the urinal,(usually near the top) where you belive the porcelin is entirely untouched, and thus marking it as your own territory.
Bro I totally just Christopher Columbused that urinal, the upper left corner is all mine.
by Mistletoe's RHA CWRU November 1, 2010
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