exclamation of excitement, surprise or annoyance. Used in all situations deemed to be worthy.
Person 1: shit dude, i just killed my hamster

Person 2: ref

Person 3: fucking huge ref

Person 1: huge ref
by 19silverton March 31, 2020
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Short for "refugee"
Omg those refs are so friggin loud
by Kathy August 19, 2003
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An immigrant abnormaly louder and annoying than regular people.
Speaks no English, or if so very little with a heavy Spanish accent.
Mostly found in Miami, FL.
"Damn that annoying ass ref, go swim back to Cuba!"
"Wow, that ref still has the salt water on his hair"
by MisterCity April 27, 2006
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A slang term for a refugee.
Usually used with foreign persons that do not no the basic language, and are slow to communicate, although is sometimes used for an idoitic person.
by Jamestown May 20, 2003
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The best of the best! Well that's what they think! Mostly loud Cubans who just got to Miami, FL. Fun, party crazy animals! Know how to have fun anytime of the day, anywhere ! most people who know English hates on them! They don't care about haters.
by mag<3 July 15, 2011
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A Cuban person, that most likely came swimmin to the stats.
Dude, that ref is really annoying.
by jake April 18, 2005
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Short for reference. Meaning, somebody else's work (homework) or a copy of it, to be copied and submitted as your own.

Highly exceptable in IIT (Israeli Institute of Technologies, aka Technion)
"Hey, do you have some ref on that shitty exercise? I will never be able to do it by myself!!"
by Haynes & Shokley June 29, 2005
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