Also referred to as stone femme, a high femme is a femme lesbian who doesn't want to penetrate her partner during sex or touch her partner's genitals. This doesn't necessarily mean she's adverse to pleasuring her partner in other ways, but she doesnt feel the desire or need to. Contrary to belief, high femme doesnt inherently mean extremely feminine, this is a myth spread by the futch scale which was started by reddit lesbians as a joke. Additionally, high femmes arent selfish or lazy!! High femmes are valid ♡
"I'm a stone butch and my girlfriend is a high femme, I love her sm!"
by peony femme July 11, 2019
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Ameliè is such a high femme, that the only masculine thing she likes is her girlfriend.
by Sweetmothersappho May 11, 2019
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A lesbian who expresses the cultural norm for ultra-femininity - makeup, dresses, heels, hair, nails.
by dijjn June 4, 2003
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A queer individual (usually in reference to the ladies) who revels in extreme expressions and/or parodies of femininity.
"You'll always see the high femme in the dress made for someone considerably smaller and younger." (Leslie Mah)
by beets October 10, 2005
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First, a femme (in English) is a queer feminine woman. Most women who identify as femme are interested in butch women or transgender (biologically female tending towards male identy) people. Femmes may or may not identify as lesbian, as the butch/femme dynamic aligns as easily with heterosexuality as it does with the non-butch/femme lesbian dynamic. Especially if the femme is only interested in male-identified butches, she may not consider herself a lesbian.

High femmes are femmes who intentionally and consistently embrace and express femininity past the point that most straight women do.
She's so high femme, she's sometimes mistaken for a drag queen.
by onefootinsea May 10, 2006
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A queer Femme/of color who is in command of her sexuality; a Femme/of color who is hella smart (maybe with a PhD in HisCon or Critical Ethnic Studies): a Femme/of color who is a fierce and kick ass organizer/activist; a Femme/of Color who is committed to decolonizing everything (including sexuality); a Femme/of color in touch with her cultural/racial heritage, ancestry, and relevant politics and practices; a Femme/of Color who knows and embodies a spiritual erotics, because yes, she’s read Audre Lorde’s essay The Uses of the Erotics; a Femme/of Color who has magical sexual healing powers; a Femme/of Color who knows how to play with High Femme Fashion. A Power High Femme possesses and practices all of this.
Dang Girl, You just did a major historical and statue take down of Christopher Columbus; you look so good in your tropical aqua tights while you do decolonial gardening; AND you’re the best lover ever! You are seriously a Power High Femme/of Color!
by Ordinary Seaman January 23, 2021
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