"Reloaded" is often seen in the filenames of pirated content.
This indicates the release group. Reloaded.
by Potkuripekka April 10, 2007
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When getting drunk twice in one day. The second time getting "loaded" can be considered getting "reloaded"
I had a few around 12, passed out, then reloaded around 8
by s-mac January 6, 2007
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an over used pharase in videogames such as left for dead . actually means sticking a new magazine into any firearm pistol,rifle,assault rifle,sub machinegun etc.
me: bang bang I'M OUT !!!!

friend:here take this mag

me:thanks , reloading !

me and my friend just killed alot of zombies
by stg 44 killer September 13, 2010
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(v) Something you do after you kill a target.
Headshot before=Reload After
Rinse and repeat

Thats the magic of Reloading!

Saves Ammo Too!
by N3Y June 27, 2010
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When you have sex with a girl that has had multiple unprotected partners previous to you recently. She is so full of cum that she jams some of their sperm into your dick. When you blow your load it mixed with other guys. Therefore you shot a reload.
My buddy John slept with the town bicycle. He was the tenth guy in a week. He gave her a nice reload.
by KTeacherK November 5, 2021
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When an uncircumcised man cannot copulate, so his circumcised bro lends him a hand and blows a load in his foreskin. The uncircumcised man then ejaculates onto his partner with the borrowed sperm. This male ritual is the peak of "bros before hoes" mentality.
Dick: Dude, I need some help here. I blew my last load with that hoe Julia, I need a donation for my sperm bank
Johnson: Sure brah, have some of mine
Dick: Thanks for the reload, brah
by Ron Jeremy, SJ January 24, 2016
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MC asking this DJ to play the track again, so the MC can tear it up on the mic and get the crowd hyped up if they love the track.
MC: "I say RELOAD, you say now"

Crowd: "NOW"
Crowd: "NOW"
MC: "Selecta pull on that, pull on that"
by Potential Paedophile February 17, 2010
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