Yes, sure, surely.

You´re welcome.
Thank you. You bet.
Are you coming to the party? You bet
by Charly Days November 11, 2012
means "You can bet money on that", showing that you are 100 percent agree with what another one has just said, and you think what he/she had said is true.
a player: We will beat xxx(another team) next time!
coach: you bet!
by Allen Zhang September 18, 2006
Said when one is 100% for the cause, even if the cause is unknown. Also said to make the leader feel they have a persons 100% trust, even if not entirely true.
Jon: So everyone is good for it
Cody: (Waking Up)
Jon: You good for it Cody?
Cody: You Bet
by TLB4 March 2, 2009
a deliberately annoying, or innocently stupid way of saying "you betcha" (first noticed on The Young And The Restless spoken by Victor Newman)
Hey, turd! Do you want a beer?
You bet you.
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008
(the form you betcha is connected with rural image) certainly
Will there be challenges?, You bet. When will things improve?, Who knows?
by The Return of Light Joker September 25, 2011
A double-negative phrase used to intimidate someone who says something offensive or physically threatens you. talking tough, acting tough, frontin', fronting, bullying, bullied, threaten, intimidate, step correct, hurt, challenge, verbal beatdown
Man, you bet not never try to fight me! I'll throw you a beating you ain't never seen, bro!
by joecoolthefool August 21, 2016