A beautiful girl with a big sense of secrecy, very sensitive towards others not the best girlfriend but wife material, creative and smart.

In love and blessed
by Mr I April 23, 2018
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An English origin name, Audre is a sweet name which means ‘noble strength.’ If you have read or heard about Audre Lorde who grew up battling cancer and extreme nearsightedness, you may agree that the meaning is the perfect definition of her name!
get yourself an Audre
by xuchpi January 26, 2021
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Professional, athleticly gifted , the ladies love him and he's a beautiful person inside and out , he's a very sexual person and his member is the very large it is the second best thing when it comes to the wonderful man he is
by Porshe7777 March 13, 2017
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To small people that are soulmates and always together there love was first at sight
LIam and audre-mariam lovet to play
by Kimber-dek hater March 4, 2022
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Two small people that share everything about each other.They are soulmates and love they are bothe short bu there love is strong
Audre-maliam are a great people
by Kimber-dek hater March 4, 2022
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