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When a stupid and self-centered dickhead is trying to prove one and everyone around them wrong about something that is evidently right or trying to convince one about something that is completely obsurd.
Dickface 1: Hey, did you know that tupac is actually still alive and he only faked his death because people found out that he killed John Lennon and faked the moon landing?
Dickface 2: NO WAY MYEEAN did you know that umm jesus was the one that actually killed John F Kennedy?
Dickface 1: Nah myeean we all know that the world is like 3000 years old..
Dickface 2: Wait.. so barrack obama is actually in the kkk?
Dude: Stop hershing you fucking idiots.

Jeff: Man, Kanye was hershing so much on that talk show last night.

Little gangster: step hershing u lil faget or ill break ur neck with my moms dildo collection.
by TheCuriousSloth March 19, 2014
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