There was much buggery between your mom and I.
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
Any sexual act other than normal intercourse. The term is derived from the Bogomils, a late Middle Ages sect who believed that creating children was a sin, and practiced any sexual action which prevented conception. They were eventually wiped out by The Church.
The Bogomils practiced buggery.
by geinman March 12, 2013
1. anal intercourse
2. necrophilia (sex with corpses)
3. bestiality (sex with animals)
4. coprophagy (eating excrement)
The perp got 5 years for committing buggery and posting on the internet.
by England phi beta gamma March 30, 2008
Something one says when faced with something one does not like. Also see boredom and crap.
"Buggery! I have to tidy my room."
by dashboard_confessional May 23, 2005
Australian term for casual sex with either gender.
Hey mate, bad day at work. Want a yak and a buggery when our missus's are out?
by Dingo Bob March 15, 2003
An illegal act where one individual, namely a girl, is buggered up the bum my one or more men. Please note, this is not illegal when one man is the buggered, and another man is the bugerer!
Girl says "Oh, bugger me."
Man says "No buggery is ilegal."
by Gedeth October 29, 2008
1. A lighthearted and humorous alternative to either "Get fucked" or "Go to hell". Literally, "Leave now, and sometime in the near future find and participate in an act of sodomy."
2. To enter an unfavorable situation.
"You don't like it? Go to buggery."
by zmp February 10, 2005