A special type of social networking site that allowed users to create and modify avatars using many many clothing items, weapons and accessories. It has a market where you can buy or sell items using the site's currency - Gaia Gold. Items could cost up to anywhere between 1 gold to over 200,000,0000. Back in the old days, gold was harder to come by, but items didn't cost much anyway. Nowadays, almost fucking everything costs at least 200,000 gold. New items are released everyday, but many look the same and are meaningless, especially when their starting price is 100,000,000 gold in the market. Nothing here is worth spending real currency on. Avatars are less appreciated because now any loser can just buy it with real money.

The site has interactive worlds known as Towns or Rally where many users get together with their avatars and hang out. Other worlds are usually sponsor based worlds, like MTV Hollywood Crap world.

They used to have this really cool feature called Gaia Cinemas where we can watch funny old ass educational videos with other avatars, but they tossed all that completely.

This website has become increasingly boring. Nobody goes on here anymore except Asians and 12 year old white girls. Items are way to damn expensive to work toward them anymore. This site has pretty much lost all it's former glory and become a giant cesspool of watery diarrhea.
Gaia Online sold out and now everything went to shit.
by Cheeto Dust October 11, 2012
It's an anime role playing community, with gaming aspects. You get gold from doing anything, from just surfing the web, posting a comment, posting on the forums... and more! There's always a lot of things to do, from getting the item you're questing for, to replying to this one gaiafag who has been bothering you all day. However, it is poorly moderated and filled with immature idiots.
Gaia Online is lucky to have their own Terms of Service than to follow another forum host's Terms of Service, because if they did, they'd be deleted years ago.
by MisaTange July 5, 2009
The place where trolls are king. Gaia Online is a poorly moderated site where one can find helpless emo/goth/punk people who spew rants about their pathetic lives, and eagerly await others to troll or laugh at them.

On Gaia, trolling is a popular sport, of which some members have a high amount of fame. Many other members will attempt to fight trolls, but ultimately fail, as their general intelligence greatly falls below normal.

Being banned from Gaia Online is no problem, as it is easy to create another account. IP bans are unheard of.
Standard Conversation on Gaia Online

Post: "Helpzors! My friend who is 13 is cutting again! What should I do?!"

Response: "You're clearly a bad friend as you don't support her in every decision she's going to make. You should help her cut, and be a better friend. If you tell her parents she'll be angry at you and won't be your friend anymore."
by Sipid January 30, 2006
Gaia Online is an anime role-playing website with customizable avatars and a massive member list. It has a wide variety of forums to chat in, although most of those forums are occupied by chatspeak-slinging, tactless morons who will flame you for any variety of offenses, including but not limited to:

Posting a topic in the wrong forum.
Using slightly worse grammar than they do.
Defending someone who is being mercilessly flamed.

Despite all this, the website is unparalleled in its addictive qualities, and with some time and effort, some fun and intelligent chat can be found there.
I got flamed on Gaia Online for having an avatar with red hair, but I still go back.
by Horrible Person February 11, 2005
Gaia Online was once the coolest hangout for people to make friends, talk about Anime, etc.

Now it's slowly becoming a pay-to-play website. The newest scam is "Free" Gaia Cash offers that wind up getting a ton of viruses on your computer, or dozens of telemarketers calling your house every day.
Gaia Online used to be so cool. What happened?
by FlareKitsune August 27, 2009
Gaia Online, is an anime roleplaying community. It's a massive message board with gaming aspects. You gain "gold" for everything you do on the site, from clicking links, to posting. You use this gold to purchase clothing, and items for your avatar. Which represents you on the boards.

It's a addicting site, which will consume your life! Currently, in the alpha testing phases. It as of now contains one game. A fishing game, it's rather fun. This site it among the biggest on the net, and is for the older crowd, sitting itself far away from "neopets" or anything of that sort.
www.gaiaonline.com is a really awesome site, yo'
by supersayiandj80 January 16, 2005
Gaia Online, also reffered to as Gaia (Guy-uh), is the world's fastest growing online social media community. It's a forum based website with some gaming aspects. You gain "gold" for everything you do on the site, from clicking links, to posting. You use this gold to purchase clothing, and items for your avatar. Which represents you on the boards.

It's an addicting site, which will consume your life! Currently, in the beta testing phases. It as of now contains three games and a 'Gaia Towns' feature. A fishing game, in which you catch fish and exchange them for fish related items for your custom avatar or 'avi'. The second game is called Slots, it is a casino game in which you match up symbols such as wings or halos to win tokens that can be sold or traded in for prizes. The last game is Cards, it is basicly black jack... you play against 3 different characters, one at a time. In the Gaia Towns you walk around and visit people's houses along with picking up trash, flowers and catching bugs you can also chat within towns. The trash, flowers, and bugs can be traded in for ink, bouquets, and paper hats to customize your avi!

If you are a member of GaiaOnline.com you are a Gaian.

This site it among the biggest on the web, the active members tend to be more mature ranging in ages 15 and up, although the less active and less literate members aren't considerably younger, noobs or n00bs but they tend to be. Gaia Online is sitting itself far away from such sites as "neopets" or anything of that sort.
My Gaia Online avi is better than yours!!
by ButtMuffin May 2, 2006