The anal cavity; usually used when speaking in a sexual manner about taking it in the ass
Hey look at Adam, he is probably about ready to go down Misty's Hershey Highway again...
by Nilats April 25, 2003
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brown eye; poop shoot; bung hole; shit slide; back door; asshole; cornhole; rectum; "exits only"
I'd fuck her again. She let me stick my willy in the hershey highway!
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
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Anal sex, however, it is mostly used to describe heterosexual anal sex, that is, penetration by the female in the anus.(HER-shey highway.)
She likes to take it up the hershey highway.
by Jonah Falcon October 11, 2004
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An expression for "taking the gay road."
"Why doesn't your son come with you to the games anymore?""Well, *sob* I'm afraid he has taken the hershey highway.
by running out of patience February 16, 2008
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a term keyed by the ladies man to describe his favorite past time. doing it in da butt.
uhh yeah, i believe the scientific name is the hershey highway
by The Ju1ce August 27, 2003
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when your enjoying sexual intercourse with another male.
man you should have seen last night i took the midnight express down hershey highway.
by cliff warburton March 31, 2009
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(often capitalized) A condition of increasing trouble or difficulty (usually preceded by "down the ...")
If the ecomony doesn't improve soon, George W. Bush's bid for a second term in the White House could go straight down the Hershey Highway despite the surprisingly easy victory over Iraq.
by Anthony Brancato April 21, 2003
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