An unexpected semi ie a semi engorged male member - based on Henman's semi final count - ie he is not normally expected to get into a semi final.
Fuck me I've got a Henman on!!!!!
by bingo89 April 26, 2006
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Get a henman mug for your coworker Bob. \'he:n-e-'man-*s\ noun. (modif. of tim henman, fr. MLG he-ma exchange) 1: an engorged male phalus / schlong which is between hard and soft and therefore in a semi state. Originates from English tennis player Tim Henman and his inability to ever make it to the final of Wimbledon. 2: see half staff 3: see lob on.
1: "For fucks sake Darren, you've only got a henman, what the fuck am I supposed to do with that!" Shouted Tracey
by jim December 24, 2004
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"unexpected semi" or mild erection. derived from Tim Henman's mediocre skills somehow allowing him to reach the semi-finals of tournaments, albeit unexpectedly.
So I'm sitting in church and all of a sudden, I get tim henman.
by Johnsack December 17, 2007
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Unusual phenomena whereby loosing actually increases a sportmans following. Normally followed by an avid following every year at Wimbledon by an army of rich tennis lovvies. In recognition of his ability to loose to just about any player able to hold a racket he has been given the nickname tiger. A very apt description if Tigers are gutless, boring and serial tennis champ loosers.
Fortunatley, for Britain, he is still playing Tennis in the hope one day he will win a tournament. Currently he is hoping to enter the womens tennis tour since he he has all the prerequisites for being female
I think we might loose thet football , its looking like another Henman day
by binsurfer December 11, 2003
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A sportsman who was always good and was top 10 in the world for a very long time. Despite the medias effort to will him on to win Wimbledon he never could quite manage it, this meant that the media would no doubt slate him when he was eliminated from any major tournament.

A testimony to the British spirit to keep on trying but despite being in the top 10 players of the world for a very long time, that simply isn't good enough for the majority of the British public who take great joy in seeing him fail.
Tim Henman will NEVER win wimbledon and the British media will ALWAYS support him then laugh at him when he fails like the evil shits they are
by Kieren and Grae July 02, 2006
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nothing more than hype.
lost at Wimbledon for the 48th straight year.
Tim Henman will NEVER win at Wimbledon.
by International Bad Boy July 02, 2004
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