A big tennis tournament that Tim Henman will never win and will always have to put up with the shit of being good but not good enough for the British people
"Aw fuck- I lost in the quarter final of wimbledon, now the English people will be on my fucking back again"

a made up quote from Tim Henman
by Kieren and Grae July 2, 2006
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a place that hosts a huge tennis tournament on grass courts. see wimbledon.org
i can't wait to watch wimbledon this year! I bet Andy Roddick will school all those fools!
by raybanks October 19, 2005
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wimbledon is a tournament held in England on Church Road.
.Wimbledon is the oldest major championship in tennis.It is a world widely known and is held in England. It is held during June and July, and usually the latest match would be on the 2nd Sunday of July. It is the 3rd Grand Slam throughout the year, and is known for its rain delays!
The first championships were held in 1877, and it is ironic no British man has won the singles event at Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936, and no British woman since Virginia Wade in 1977. The Championship was first televised in 1937.A total of 128 players feature in each singles event, 64 pairs in each single-sex doubles event, and 48 pairs in Mixed Doubles. Players and doubles pairs are admitted to the main events on the basis of their international rankings, with consideration also given to their previous performances at grasscourt events.Currently (since 2001) 32 male and female players are given seedings in the Gentlemen's and Ladies' singles while 16 teams are seeded in the doubles events.Players are admitted to the junior tournaments upon the recommendations of their national tennis associations, on their International Tennis Federation world rankings and, in the case of the singles events, on the basis of a qualifying competition. The Committee of Management determines which players may enter the four invitational events.The nineteen courts used for Wimbledon are all composed purely of rye grass. The speed and the low bounce of grass courts favours serve and volley players. Among women, the serve and volley strategy has been less common since around 1980.The show courts will, however, be pressed into action for the second time in three months in 2012 as Wimbledon will host the tennis events of the 2012 Olympic Games.Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam event played on grass courts. At one time, all the other Grand Slam events were played on grass. The French Open abandoned grass for its current red clay in 1928, while the U.S. and Australian Opens stayed with grass for decades longer. The U.S. Open abandoned grass for a synthetic clay surface in 1975 and changed again to a hard surface with its 1978 move to its current venue. The Australian Open abandoned grass for Rebound Ace, a different type of hard surface, in 1988.The All England Club requires players to wear "almost entirely white" clothing during matches (used as an excuse by a young Andre Agassi for not playing the tournament in 1990, although his decision may have had more to do with his game at the time being unsuited to grass; he later won the competition). No other Grand Slam tournament has such a strict dress code for players. During matches, female players are always referred to by the title "Miss" or "Mrs"; married female players were formerly and formally referred to by their husband's names: for example, Chris Evert-Lloyd appeared on scoreboards as "Mrs. J. M. Lloyd" during her marriage to John M. Lloyd. This custom has been abandoned; the title "Mr" is never used for male players.Dark green and purple (sometimes also referred to as mauve) are the traditional Wimbledon colours. Green clothing was worn by the chair umpire, linesmen, ball boys and ball girls through the 2005 Championships; however, beginning with the 2006 Championships, officials, ball boys and ball girls were outfitted in new navy blue and cream coloured uniforms from American designer Ralph Lauren. This marked the first time in the history of the Championships that an outside company was used to design Wimbledon clothing. As of June 2006, Wimbledon's contract with Ralph Lauren is set to last until 2009.Previously, players bowed or curtsied to members of the Royal Family seated in the Royal Box upon entering or leaving Centre Court. In 2003, however, the President of the All England Club, HRH The Duke of Kent, decided to discontinue the tradition. Now, players are required to bow or curtsy only if the Queen or the Prince of Wales is present.{_Hope this info helps you guys! I'm an aspiring tennis pro, who has many interests such as karate-black belt, violin and the main one- tennis. I have toured in Slovenia, Spain etc, and I have a website coming up soon._} So if you want to contact me, please ****email: management@isabeleden.com********
by Tennis_girl July 14, 2007
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wimbledonwhat a place
A place that hosts a stupid game called tennis.But the area is on the up and on the map due to a succesful football club called AFC WIMBLEDON.They won the fight against businessmen and WON.Bringin much happiness to the community of Wimbledon.Long may they be succesful.
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When you go for a piss and accidentally get a splash on your trousers, could be when shaking.
Dude, whats that on your leg. Oh shit, I must have done a Wimbledon.
by Devi4nt May 3, 2022
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Having breakfast at wimbledon is having sex in the morning, presumably with the person with whom you spent the previous night. The phrase comes from the name of the long-standing preview show before televised portions of the famed tennis tournament in England.
"Hey guys. I was in a hurry this morning, but I was able to snag some breakfast at wimbledon before work."
by crewsanctioned August 1, 2009
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A drinking game made by oliver reed. It involves drinking 1 pint of alcahol within 15 minutes then runnning to the nearest pub, then repeating. The unofficial world record is 16 pubs held by oliver reed himself. It was originally held in wimbledon and based around 8 pubs and that is how the name originated.
Want to play wimbledon 8?

Sure, ill just get the barf bag.
by kingpaladin August 16, 2005
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