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Found in (or around) washing machines and tumble driers
Thought to be genetically modified , highley evolved organism. Although never actually sighted evidence points to its habits and breediung cycle. A voracious predator the sock monster preys on single socks always leaving behind one of the pair it has captured. Mystery surrounds this behaviour although zoologists surmise this may be an instinctual mechanism for long term survival. Able to cross great distances at speed and unseen there is almost no known method of defense.

Currently there is a research program to capture one and study its life cycle to provide some relief. The only known fact is sock monster numbers are proportional the number of people in residence at one location.
1 person = 1 monster, rare sock predation, victim is able to carry on normal life
2 persons = 2 monsters, infreqent predation
3 persons = 3 monsters, increased predation, victims are rarely able to find socks
4 persons = 4 monsters, forget it , no known cure, no socks at all for anyone
by binsurfer December 11, 2003

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Font consisting of mostly usless characters of cars, boats, etc. Mostly used when the user is bored to tears of the monotony of work or when clip art is not sufficient. Selected by a consfusing array of key strokes its is now the main stay of many geeky emails and people trying to be alternative.

not to be confused with wing chun
Watch out for that bloke he's a Wingding martial artist
by binsurfer December 11, 2003

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The science of heredity linked to DNA and other molecules. Scientists are currently working to decode the human genome in one of the biggest scientific efforts ever attempted.
Genetics is exclusively used by scientists for evil purposes, as shown by Hollywood and its accurate portrayal of scientific understanding. Typically scientists are shown to be cloning humans, resurecting dinosaurs, producing alien species or just tampering with nature in general. This is ideal for it's target audience of Macdonald eating, stars and stripes waving, IQ bereft audience .
"Shall we go see that new film?"
"Yes lets its shows us (the american public) how evil genetics is"
"Erm what about our GM crops, our hormone boosted cattle and pesticides?"
"That okay thats the American way of life thats not Genetics"
by binsurfer December 11, 2003

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A collections of particulate matter, smoke, dust of gas that is visible. Usual term for large mass of visible gaseous water vapour in the earths atmosphere.
Depending on drug consumption may turn into various animals, historical figures, vampires and kitchen cutlery
"Fuck me that cloud looks just like Count dracula!".. "You mean the cloud next to the one that looks like weapons of mass destruction ???"
by binsurfer December 11, 2003

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Gaseous ice ball appearing every 80 years or so
Man "Hey I can see Halleys comet in the sky !" . Comet expert "Best place for it I say"
by binsurfer December 11, 2003

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A suffix used by large multinational companies to appear a local brand when infact you are secretly redirected to some form of their US centered web site.
lets put a few pages with .uk on the web site otherwise they might rumble that we dont give shit about anything outside the US
by binsurfer December 11, 2003

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Terminator Model T-400 protype cybernetic killing machine designed by Skynet. Constructed using advanced metals with composite materials. Powered by a small fission reactor it was designed to provide close battle field interdiction and counter intelligence support.
Based on Skynets comprhensive human database and genetic information from the Human Genome project the organic exoskeleton was designed to provide a non threatening cover for its stealth support role. Initial reports from the battlefield detail the tremendous power the T-400 had to intimidate the resistance and strike fear into any enemy.
However design flaws meant increasingly T-400 were not returning from battle missions. Subsequent analysis of the design schematics revealed that Skynet had mistakenly based the design of the T-400 on male figures appearing on television circa 1980's in particular on mtv shows.
Further analysis of neural network chip recovered from incapacitated T-400's shows that the design was infact based on the construction worker appearing in the village people. Together with survivor reports from T-400 attacks it was surmised that T-400 preferred method of attack was to dispense with heavy weaponry and simply bugger the enemy to death. This together with the construction worker disguise and the hard hat resulted in massive casualties for the resistance.
A field report from the battle of nevada shows how four T-400's were able to route a 200 strong special forces team. Casualties who survived were unable to continue battle duty due to the inability to walk straight although some said the experience was not entirely unenjoyable. Of the 200 strong squad, 140 were unable to walk straight, 50 were retired and ten requested leave to have a same sex marraige.
The mystery of non-returning T-400's was finally resovled when reported surfaced that bootleg village people band was touring the country. On further inspection it was found the T-400's had gone A.W.O.L and formed a new dance troup devoted to the village people together with opening a Boyz'n'Uniform bar for same sex couples
Skynet cease production of the T-400 when they demanded tighter leather pants, better dressing rooms and bigger flower bouquets before entering the battlefield.
Seal Team Six - Contact , Contact we have four inbound hostiles clothed as contruction workers, engaging fire
Seal Team Leader - Abort mission , I repeat Abort mission!, hostiles are Assinators . All units cover your rear ! and prepare for hostiles to perform flanking manouver !
Seal Team Six - Sir we require urgent assistance , Murphy is down Sir ! he's been buggered to death . Requesting urgent medivac rep.......
Seal Team Leader - Those boys are a gonna, No-one i repeat no-one has survived an Assinator

1st man - Steer clear of that bloke he's an Assinator, every holes a gole for him

2nd man - Yes i heard he's a construction worker and likes to go round the tradesmans
by binsurfer December 10, 2003

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