Pretty much a way of saying yes with some more oomph!!!

hell 2 the yes!!
Iona: I think he is a mother fluffer
Sarah: ohh Hells yes!!
by mother.fluffing.sienna November 19, 2011
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1) Affirmative, positive, only in a more certain and stressing manner.

2) A decent song by Beck on his album Guero
1) Person 1: Do you want fries with that?
Person 2: Yes.
Person 1: Are you sure?
Person 2: Hell yes!

2) Hell yes now I'm moving this way, I'm doing this thing
Hell yes now I'm turning it on, I'm working my legs
Hell yes now I'm calling you out, I'm switching my plates
Hell yes now I'm cleaning the floor, my beat is correct
by Oplem April 7, 2005
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As Hell Yeah, but less American.
Person A: You going to to the Biffy Clyro gig?
Person B: Hell yes!
by JSlaffter November 19, 2011
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synonyms: fo shizzle, no doubt, yea, most def etc...
"u gon be at the game tonight?"
"hell ye, wouldn't miss that ish mah nizzle"
by you dead wrong February 5, 2003
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When you’re so passionate about something and hell yeah, and yeah alone don’t do it for you, Holy Hell Yes.
Hey Marlee, wanna go to the concert on Saturday? I got tickets. Holy Hell Yes!
by Jastardo July 19, 2018
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Abbreviated as HFY occasionally, this phrase means "Yes," but in a way that is either expressing extreme excitement, Happiness, or agreement.
"Dude, wanna go to a concert with me tonight?"

"Hell Fucking Yes!"
by SopherGopher22 February 9, 2015
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An enthusiastically affirmative response
"Hey Andy, you going to the party on Saturday?"

"Hell to the yes I am!"
by Michael Holland February 5, 2008
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