1. Name usually refering to a pretty but unusual girl. A loud girl who doesn't worry about being embarresed or making a fool of herself which is ok because shes beautiful.

"Dude, that chick you were with was such a Marlee"
by M.Charlie March 9, 2009
Marlee is a beautiful, amazing and unique. She is very mysterious, and you never know what she will do next. She is single because BOYS SUCK!
Hey that girl is hot like marlee!
by Colliflflour October 4, 2017
A beautiful girl with an amazing smile. She is honest, kind, loving, and smart. She is Brooks' favorite girl in the world.
Brooks love Marlee
by Jfjjdjdcjkdeomdnebs January 22, 2019
A short tan white girl with a beautiful smile large chest great in bed and big brown eyes and long blonde hair and like to dye here hair she is a gamer girl she is hyper probably has ADHD a she i not a normal girl she is hyper and fun and random she has lots of friends and she get along with LOTS of boys and if you call her friend something she will beat your ass she is sweet but when it come to making fun of some one you better run like hell but other all she is a AMAZING girl and beautiful
"All i want in life is Marlee!"
by UnknownFTW December 31, 2013
most amazyn person you will ever meet. loves 1d af . supernatural is her life. she has a datenight with her bae , Netflix, every night..if you find a marlee never let her go
boy: daymmm!!! that girl is totally a marlee.
another boy: yeah dude I want to get some of that..
by TeaGoggles January 26, 2015
A relatively short, brunette with short legs and big boobs. She is always on her phone/computer and is addicted to supernatural and other shows on Netflix. She is self conscious and is easily hurt by words.
Guy 1: damn, did you see Marlee?
Guy 2: yeah, she was on her phone again, I wish she would talk to me!
by Hipsterdefinitions April 14, 2015