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Marlee is a very beautiful girl. She doesn't like when someone says she is, and she'll always argue with someone when they says she is. Marlee is usually self-conscious of her name, even if it is beautiful. Marlee's usually have long brown hair and beautiful eyes. Marlee's love social media, and video games. If you have a Marlee in your life, consider yourself lucky as she will always be there for you when you are sad. Marlee's like to make new friends everyday, so if you meet one and she wants to be your friend, then be her friend! You'll never find somebody like her. She may be charming and drop - dead gorgeous but watch your back. Never hate a Marlee, it will be the last thing you do. As she is Toxic to anyone rude to her. But in the end, even the rudest people Marlee will forgive. But heres one down side of having a Marlee in your life. Only the people who know her best know when she is sad. She usually says she's "just tired" "bored" or even "i'm fine." Marlee's are very jealous too, so watch out for that as well. You might want to spend all your life with Marlee if you have one, because she could be gone in a blink. ~
"Marlee, your so beautiful!" ~ ???\
"no i'm ugly!" ~ Marlee
by YourSecretAdmirer09 May 09, 2019
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a very caring beautiful girl who can be shy at first but extremely out going when you get to know her. she acts like everything is fine and she doesn’t mind much but she can be very sensitive so be careful with her. has lots of friends and is very supportive. if you don’t cross her she’ll be the the best friend you could ask for
i’m so glad marlee is my friend
by Sco6t July 13, 2018
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1. Name usually refering to a pretty but unusual girl. A loud girl who doesn't worry about being embarresed or making a fool of herself which is ok because shes beautiful.

"Dude, that chick you were with was such a Marlee"
by M.Charlie March 08, 2009
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Marlees is a type of girl who loves to life and enjoys life. she is not only beautiful inside but, outside she is a hottie! her family means a lot to her and her friends are always close to her heart. she has a lending ear and gives great advice. she makes a great friend.
girl: wow, i want to have a friend just like Marlees.

anothergirl: i know right, me too.
by megmailan April 25, 2009
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a sweet adorable girl who is completely down to earth and is always smiling. she always brings laughter and brightness where ever she goes
by smiling brighter December 25, 2011
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a very sexy athletic girl who is always fun to be around. Can be a tease at times but never takes it to far. A all around awesome girl that knows how to have fun. she is just amazing, extrely nice ass
tim: did you just see marlee's ass
Dylan: how couldn't you, it is just amazing
Mason: She is amazing
by fro-man March 11, 2012
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