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1) Affirmative, positive, only in a more certain and stressing manner.

2) A decent song by Beck on his album Guero
1) Person 1: Do you want fries with that?
Person 2: Yes.
Person 1: Are you sure?
Person 2: Hell yes!

2) Hell yes now I'm moving this way, I'm doing this thing
Hell yes now I'm turning it on, I'm working my legs
Hell yes now I'm calling you out, I'm switching my plates
Hell yes now I'm cleaning the floor, my beat is correct
by Oplem April 07, 2005

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1. Owner, leader, or otherwise top of the ladder in an organization.

2. Title given out by moustachio Australian men with guns.
1. The don was the ringleader of the syndicate.

2. Now you! You're the ringleader! OOOHHSIVVAHOJJIHAHVAAHHAHWOOOOHHHH! Go get in the fridge! Go on now, get in back in the schools! You don't understand that, get back in the schools or they'll think you're summa my business you know what I... heh heh heh shhh heh.

by Oplem June 03, 2005

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Previously defeated the person in question.

I don't think so.


Okay I'll play...
by Oplem June 03, 2005

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-Refusal to go along with something.

-Refusal to participate in an activity.

-What you say to a drunken sailor who challenges you to a duel of some kind.
"That's right, Billy, I'm back and I want YOU!"

"I'm not gonna play. Why not that guy?"

"Because I already had him. THAT'S RIGHT KIDS I already had him!"
by Oplem April 25, 2005

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1) combination of "pwned" and "provost", this occurrs when you either make a fool of the provost of a university, or the provost of the university makes a fool of you.

2) see above, except with any higher ranked official.
1) "Man, the provost just totally didn't hold the elevator doors for me even though he knew I was coming."


2) "I just pwrnvosted the head of sales."
by Oplem April 08, 2005

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Metaphorical. The action of humping over the internet, pertaining to cybersex or not.
"I love you sweetie!"
"I love you too!"
"wtf was that?"
by Oplem September 05, 2005

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Common misspelling of "later"
"Alright, I gotta go dude."
by Oplem June 20, 2005

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