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Humanity Fuck Yeah!
Used as a general reference to copypastas that feature humanity being portrayed in a favorable light, normally in-comparison to other (alien) races. Often futuristic science fiction, some of these copypastas can get quite long.
Example HFY:

"The devil,” said the Felaran, “the devil brought you.”
I saw the human inhale deeply, its chest swelling before it took a wad of burning brown paper from its lips.
“No, buddy,” the human said. “We’re the ones at the helm. The devil’s just along for the ride.”
by aelaxeneva November 17, 2013
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acronym for Hell Fucking Yea can be used many ways. make them up.
free WoW subscription? HFY
by Rey March 09, 2005
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1) Hey, FUCK YOU!

2) Here for you!

1) You're breaking up with me? Hfy!

2) aww sorry steph, hfy!

2) Stephs boyfriend broke up with her? She's single? Hfy!
by xxStarxx March 10, 2010
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