An incredible badass who makes incredible badass music.
I am so gay for Beck.
by David. April 19, 2005
a) An amazing musical chameleon who can do ANYTHING!
b) the epitome of hot
I love Beck.
And I'm a guy.
by Guero September 11, 2005
A super cool badass who is super sexy and really hot. All the girls like him and he gets very amazing grades. Everyone wants to date him and he is awesome.
by Dankmemesminecrafter January 9, 2018

beck is known for her stunning looks and beautiful smile

Beck is my girlfriend.
by bana peel August 20, 2019
An Awesome artist known for his funky beats and mixture of all musics
but, does not get a lot of recognition from the main stream
"My sun-eyed girl, hey, my sun-eyed guurrrllllll
by Willie the Great May 20, 2005
Beck is an absolute monster in the gym. From the bench press to the leg press, nobody can beat him. Beck will probably be the funniest person you will ever meet. Very successful in life career wise as well as with the ladies. Every man some aspire to be like Beck.
Wow i just had a conversation with Beck and he made me laugh within seconds. While we were talking I noticed how strong he was. I am so jealous!
by DonnieDuck22 February 17, 2019