when a bitch is trying you
mariah: i was here first
me: bitch don’t do it
by JAJAJAKSK May 30, 2019
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For all those who failed no nut November and want a second chance or for those bold enough to keep no nut November going for another month, Don’t do it December is a sequel to No nut November.
Even tho I failed no nut November I still have a shot at Don’t do it December
by Max the golfer November 13, 2017
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Don’t do the dummy means don’t act stupid , don’t play like you don’t know when you really know.
Girl: who is Mya with heart eyes and heart texting you , Rashad?
Boy: who?
Girl: Don’t do the dummy , you know exactly who tf Mya is
by Boochieprincess February 25, 2018
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1. Don’t roast, mess with, or start drama with a person
“Girl, you got Wade in the Water 11’s on!”
“Bitch, don’t do me!
by JannahNova March 23, 2022
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DDDD which stands for Don’t Do Drugs December is a very hard challenge where you can’t do any drugs for the whole month of December. Meaning you can’t smoke weed or cigarettes and you can’t take any pills. The only exception is medecine if you’re actually sick.
Shay: Ya’ll still doing Don’t Do Drugs December ? (DDDD)

Dude 1: HELL NO, I can’t last a day without doing drugs fym??
by Shay Hall ( Insta; @mtl.shay) November 10, 2019
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