Iona is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She may not be classically beautiful all blonde hair and blue eyes but she just has something about her that will stop you from being able to look away. Iona falls in love easily which means that she may make some mistakes and trust people that she shouldn't. But in the end, Iona is someone to never underestimate because she is a lot more than meets the eye...
Dude1: Hey did you see that girl, Iona?
Dude2: Yeah pretty hot right?
Dude1: You know she does karate?
Dude2: No way!

Dude1: Typical Iona
by Chav-a-chav-chav September 30, 2014
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Iona is a humble and loyal person. She is very humourous and can be a little cheeky. When she was younger she was energetic. Iona can cook amazing meals. Cupcakes are her best bake. She will always try her best to never fail you. She will make mistakes and go out with the wrong people. She will find her best match someday.
Iona is amazing at baking cupcakes. They are lovely.
by Kitkatkaytie January 18, 2017
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She's a fabulous girl that always gets ahead of herself. Confident on the outside but not always on the inside. She loves reading and tries not to disappointed people but can't always help everyone. She belives that if something happens don't make a big deal of it. She is full of ideas that don't always get apredicted, she herself doesn't always get appredicted. A lovely girl who is always truthful and honest.
Did you see Iona?
by Steveielivehotdogs November 11, 2017
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an island in scotland which is truly gorgeous! it's sites are amazing and the most reccomended place in scotland.

Truly romantic and lovely :D
iona island, it's the best place
by noniiiii May 17, 2011
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a beautiful, intelligent girl who loves pizza and may one day become a writer. A loyal friend with a big heart, Iona's beautiful blue eyes will always make you smile :)
did you see that girl, Iona?

most amazing eyes I've ever seen!
by faroe Islands February 6, 2010
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A big booty white girl. She's cool and intimidating on the outside but a crazy and wild person on the inside.
"That girl Iona is so pretty but i'm too scared to talk to her."
"Nah she's mad funny, just talk to her."
by A Mariee October 30, 2018
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One of the most lovely people ever. Always up for a laugh and can make you smile through tears. Doesn't always get all the credit she deserves but is a loyal, random friend definitely worth keeping <3
Person 1: I was so upset last night, crying sooo much
Person 2: But your ok now?
Person 1: Oh yep Iona totally perked me up
by lmfaoeveryday October 26, 2011
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