Just like lol, this word represents laughing in text form. It's not loud laughing like haha, just a chortle.

To reproduce this word, put one finger on the "E" and the other on the "H". Then hit your hands down right left right left right really fast.

Before there was any Internet, linguists used this word in their research articles. For example:

NO’Donnell-Trujillo, K Adams (1983) Heheh in conversation: Some coordinating accomplishments of laughter. Western Journal of Speech Communication
by twocs June 18, 2009
What you say to a best friend instead of saying Hahaha.
Landon: When he fell that was funny.
Helen: Hehehe.
by Fuel483slow June 7, 2022
The text form of a chuckle
Michael: How do you get a Jewish girl's number?
Kyle: I dunno, how?
Michael: Look on her arm.
Kyle: Heheh
by CrispyChurroz June 29, 2018
Hey dude, check out the Heheh over there
You got any Heheh for me?
I need some Hehe
by Snee May 28, 2013
when cristiano ronaldo was on instagram live he said hehehe siuuuuu as a response to one of the questions
inshallla hehehe siuuuu
by njcnjfsjsdvnjd May 11, 2022
1) ; a form of victory;
2) a catch up between old friends;
"urgh hehehe, thank you urghh thankyou hehe thankyou"

"urgh thankyou...thankyou..urghh"
by x19 January 18, 2005