2 definitions by realLoner

commonly used as an expression for laughter.
The word can also be stacked up to be hehehehehehe.
Dave : this joke is so funny hehehehe!
Nathan : ikr hehehehehehehe!
by realLoner September 18, 2017
An expression that is widely used when two people of the same genders are having sex. This expression is highly effective, as it will not be gay as long as you say it before having sex.

It is not gay if;
1. the balls do not touch each other
2. both are wearing socks
3. tips do not touch each other
4. say NO HOMO
Robert: Aww yeah, I am so excited and my dick can't wait to penetrate your hole
Albert: Remember the magic words?
Robert & Albert: NO HOMO!
*starts pleasuring themselves on the squeaky bed*
by realLoner September 30, 2019