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In market trading, a situation where a market appears to be moving in one direction but suddenly reverses.
The price of equities increase, and all indications prior to that are that it will increase, but shortly after reverses direction and lowers.

"Sept 28th was a major head fake, equities fell substantially the remaining month."
by losershot September 29, 2009
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when a person begins to make there way down a mans body -towards the peins- as if to give oral sex and does nothing more than look around.
That girl kiss down my chest like she was gonna do the dam thing but it was just a head fake.
by AndrewNG August 31, 2006
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When a female performs oral sex on a male. The motion that is done with the neck imitates a basketball player when he fakes out an opponent by using his head in quick jerking like motions to fake them out.
Oh you know Mary is really good at throwing the head fakes.
by Shone May 28, 2005
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when person A proceeds to give what person B thinks is a blowjob, then simply holds the head of the penis in her/his mouth and proceeds to jerk person A off without actually doing anything with their mouth but holding the penis in it.
I was so happy that chick was finally gonna suck my dick then the bitch pulled a head fake on me.
by Joe December 10, 2004
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