One of the Most prettiest people out there and the most funniest and loyal, if he or she is born on that day keep them forever
I’m keepin u forever since ur born on May 29th
by Unknown 1726271818 January 26, 2020
Come see you Bf Day
May 29th
by Lzzzs May 28, 2021
The day the satan returned as a human to take the world over.
The antichrist will return to us May 29th
by Pope og satan October 18, 2019
The NEW new international goth day because Alli forgot for a second time.
*new international goth day is created
Alli: funny enough I didn’t get a chance to celebrate haha...
*May 29th was soon marked new new international goth day after the incident
by Bes Mean May 26, 2021
The day where Daniel’s gf sends him very nice but haram pics:)
by Hihi oni May 29, 2020
national fuck someone until you get arrested for noise complaints
mark: It’s may 29th.
dog: no please
international girlfriend day go appreciate your girlfriend. tell her you love her and hangout with her
zak: hey baby wanna hangout

liz: yeah it is national girlfriend day

zak:i know i could never forget May 29th
by dghnvhjvd May 29, 2021