A prank used to mean a practical joke, but the definition has slightly changed in the age of the youtube 'prank' video.

Nowadays a prank means saying provocative shit to someone, while secretly recording them, and then screaming "it's a prank, bro, it's a prank" when you elicit a violent response.
(Youtube Prankster approaches a girl walking with her boyfriend)
YP: DAMNNNNNN! Look at those melons. Can I please put my face in those melons?
Random girl: What the fuck?
(The expected happens and the girl and/or her boyfriend react violently to this sexual harrassment)
YP (after getting a slap in the face): It's a prank, bro, it's a prank. Look there's a camera right there! It's not sexual harassment if the camera's on.

Our youtube hero continues on his humorous adventures. This time, he is joined by a athletic looking black guy who looks like he can throw a punch.

YP: Yo! You wanna hear a joke?
Black Guy: Yeah!
YP: What does a black guy do after sex?
BG: What?
YP: 15 to life! hue hue hue.
BG: (Smacks our hero in the face)
YP: It's a prank, bro, it's a prank. It's not racist, bro, the camera's on.
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n. v. A mean spirited or malicious practical joke. Often pranks are aimed towards authority figures or disliked peers. Embarassing or painful to the prankee, but normally not fatal.
by Eatthebottles April 22, 2004
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Yo so today we're gonna prank some black people by asking them to have sex with them.
by ClusterFuck October 12, 2015
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A "Practical Joke" done by white people to only get their ass kicked by black people.
by BeerChuggerWhoCantDrink December 5, 2016
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Something done to trick someone, and is very amusing to all (apart from the one the prank was played on)

It is April Fool's Day, and to Ric's delight, he has yet another prank set up. What he doesn't know is that things aren't quite what they seem.

In the morning, he walks in to his classroom as casually as possible. He waits until Mr Price arrives with the register, and then deliberately starts talking to Eddy.

Ric: Oi, Eddy. You gotta go ter staffroom see teachers at break.
Eddy: O cheers then Ric. You know why?
Ric: Summit to do with when you broke that chair in maths.
Eddy: It wunt me.
Ric: Well go tell em that then mate.

In the next lesson, English, Ric decides to tell a mostly innocent girl, Kate, that she too has to go to the staffroom at break.

Ric: Y'alright Kate?
Kate: Um...yeah?
Ric: Right, you gotta go ter staffroom see teachers at break.
Kate: Yeah, I'll be there. You know why?
Ric: Summit to do with when you was throwing pens at Noko's head in History on Tuesday.
Kate: Fine.

At break both Eddy and Kate turn up at the staffroom, to find a sign reading: 'staff meeting down the corridor this break. students may enter when required.'

Reading this, Eddy and Kate went down the corridor. Though in year 10, they did not know what was down there, so went in the door at the end of the corridor. When they opened the door, they found Mr Hopkinson and Miss Wade naked and having sex in the shower. In fright, Eddy went for the door, but put his hand through the glass on the emergency fire button.

They escaped before the two teachers saw them, and, with blood all over the shower, they left the scene and reported to fire positions on the field.

On the field, the teachers saw the blood coming out the drain and flowing over the paving. Brave Mr Chapman decided to investigate, and knowing a new teacher and a married man had been showering, he knew he had to look.

When he got there, he found Mr Hopkinson and Miss Wade still having sex, even though the fire bell was ringing. Ric was stood on the other side of the window pane watching what he had done.

Sometimes pranks can backfire badly folks, so PLEASE read this before carrying one out.
by Noko January 12, 2006
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To ring someones mobile phone to let them know you have arrived, or to signal something.
by c0de November 30, 2003
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