Every 28th is Boneflake Day, a special day for the friendship between Angy (BONES) and Blake (Snowflake)
X: Today is the 28th.
Y: Yes, it's Boneflake Day!
by Enjye May 27, 2021
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A person who is born on the 28th of December are true & loyal friends, they always put others before themselves and sometimes it brings them down but eventually they get there
“That persons born on 28th December they must be a good person!”
by Annon20111 November 2, 2019
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Everyone who’s born on this glorious day are superior. Their amazing people who put them selves above others but also take NO shit from others. They aren’t whiny crybabies, they will be the strongest people you’ll EVER meet. Also it’s national eat at a food truck day, so go treat yourself you sexy beast.
Me: today’s my birthday...it’s June 28th!!
Joe: Congrats happy birthday

Me: wait who even are you?
by yuhhhhohyuhhhh October 17, 2019
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Person 1: Yo October 28th is coming up
Person 2: Oh yeah! Imma beat the shit out of Alex Pirotta.
Person 1: Yeah let's curb stomp him

R.I.P annoying friend 10/28
by onfoenemgrave12369 October 26, 2020
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January 28th is National Penguin Day. Celebrate penguins anyway you can, and if you have a penguin, treat them well!
Today is January 28th, national penguin day!
by vortexrose October 27, 2019
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the day before mothers day.
also the day when all the cool kids are born.
"yo whens ur bday?"
"may 28th"
"damn you cool"
by im a cool kid March 21, 2009
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People born on July 28th are some of the most hot-headed, protective and aggressive people you'll meet. But they have a good heart, and mean well. They care about people, even if they don't show it properly.

Bonus if they're a good cook.
Person 1: My boyfriend is so angry all the time, but atleast he's sweet, right?
Person 2: You obviously dating a July 28th baby.
by simplycolbee November 10, 2019
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