a phrase commononly said by nelson muntz from the simpons that expresses embarrassment, humiluation and dismay to the victim.
by gunslingergirlvye_c_e October 9, 2005
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The sound of a wah pedal, where the input and output cable is switched. it makes a "Haw haw" sound.
- Duuuude! i can play Seagull sounds on guitar!
-I just switched Cables on my Wah Pedal!
-Oh yearh? Pink Floyd did that long time ago...
- Totally Wah Wah Wahhhhh
- Duuude, you mean "Haw Haw Haaaaw
by Takseb January 28, 2010
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Alexa: im a whore

LJ: Tell me something i dont know. HAW HAW
by LilJeff524 July 11, 2008
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Coitus; copulation; intercourse. From haw-haw (narrow ditch).
Man, I've got the blue ball. I need to go get some haw haw.
by February 6, 2018
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Native Amerindian laughter. No kidding, this is how they laugh when they are happy or excited. Serious.
Teacher: Congratulations little Standing Bear Jones, you got an A+ studying on the Finals ! You passed High school !

Standing Bear Jones: Fouahahaw-ha-haw-haw-hawwww !!
by Charmouche February 18, 2017
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What the French say (well, not actually, but in a stereotypical American mockery)
aw haw haw! We are ze French!
by yop August 21, 2003
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Person 1: "Wins"
Also person 1: HEE HEE HAW HAW
Person 2: Drops down crying and becomes depressed
by Average Chicken Nugget enjoyer February 15, 2022
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