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A fake person on the Internet who is a mocker with subtle jests.
Trolololol trolls shall rule da world.
by Charmouche March 23, 2017
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The coolest people ever. They make the best beer and food. And the best at Sports. (even more than Russia) Every other country that surrounds them steals their culture and blames them for everything. (They are all just jealous.)
That Serbian man can kick your scrawny Polish ass.
by Charmouche February 22, 2018
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A person who commits a series of murders to a number of people. Many of them are very bright and intelligent. Usually, it is poor upbringing and confusion; that leads them to do these things. (note: I am not dignifying or condoning them.)
The cities in North America: Seattle, Washington, New Orleans, Louisiana; and Toronto, Ontario are often serial killer hotbeds and are renowned and claimed as serial killer capitals of the world. Be careful when you visit these cities.
by Charmouche May 1, 2018
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An annoying individual who acts as a leach and keeps pestering and following you or your friends around. Unable to take care of themselves, conversations are usually one sided and dull, full of narcissistic self-talk.
Nobody likes the narcissistic tagalong and his guilt-tripping. Get a life and get a hobby, pathetic tagalong.
by Charmouche October 1, 2016
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A particularly odd person who often seems overly-friendly and opportunistic and has a feeling of strangeness to them; that betrays a feeling of trust and regularity.
The Polish man from Eastern European running a business selling tobacco and liquor on Main Street is pretty suspicious. No surprise, nobody in town seems to buy from him.
by Charmouche March 12, 2017
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One of the best 1980's and early 1990's American heavy metal bands; that ever existed. They wrote very mature content; but were very overlooked and overshadowed. (both by the Glam metal i.e. Guns N' Roses; and Grunge music scenes. i.e. Nirvana; But still managed to stand-tall.)

Their music and lyrical content was about Relationships, partying/good times, tragedy, life's struggles/hardships and life out on the streets.

By 1996; Sebastian Bach left the band. He noticed the band were starting to become egotistical assholes with their new found success; and begin to disagree with them on creative issues; so he opted to quit the band. Skid Row never really recovered without him in the mainstream and later faded into obscurity. Their music skill declined as musicians as well; and the new "Skid Row" without him, sounds like a painful post-grunge Nickelback or Creed version.

Seb's departure somewhat hindered Skid Row's fanbase; and alienated a lot of original fans. Skid Row needed Sebastian Bach more than he needed them.

If Skid Row continued with Seb, they might have became the next Alice in Chains.
Skid Row were a really good band up until Seb left. The 3 albums they released before Seb's departure, are pure overlooked classics.

Skid Row were always the unsung band of the Heavy metal scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Guns N' Roses, Metallica and Nirvana were always stealing their limelight. If those three bands never got mainstream attention; EVERYBODY would know of Skid Row and their superiority/brilliance.

(If you want my opinion; Sebastian Bach should have joined Alice in Chains after Layne Staley died. He would be the perfect match. Imagine Seb and Jerry Cantrell playing in a band together. That would be kickass! I'd pay to see that.)
by Charmouche May 5, 2018
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A fictional radio station corporation featured in the Grand Theft Auto series. Most likely a parody of a real radio corporation like Clear Channel, and such.
"You're listening to HEAD radio. Owned by Love Media. Making sure every radio station in America sounds EXACTLY the same!" Mike Hunt, DJ, Grand Theft Auto III
by Charmouche March 12, 2017
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