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One of the best leaders this world has ever seen. No-nonsense kind of guy who actually cared about his people and nation. While you may disagree with his politics of Fascism; you cannot deny that he loved his people and his country. (Spain) He is/was a very misunderstood man in his time and is an unsung hero. (sadly he is often characterized by the left-wing as a villain.)

Side note: I am actually a Cajun from Louisiana state (USA) and not a European but one of my Cajun relatives fought on the Nationalist side during the civil war; in respect to help keep Spain together.

Cajun French people respect Spain because Spain helped us during our attempted genocide by the British Protestants in Nova Scotia (Canada) during the 18th century; who wanted to genocide us because we were Catholics and also wanted to steal the land.

(Spain had to pay for our boats, as refugee's. While the ungrateful French just sat on their asses and did nothing for us....)

If Franco were still alive today and would see how Spain and the rest of Europe had turned out; he would be so ashamed.
Francisco Franco was a true leader and a hero and deserving of respect. Basques, Catalans and Portuguese are just bitter and jealous. Spain (and other European countries) need another good leader like Franco; this is why their country has been in a decline; ever since he passed away.
by Charmouche April 13, 2018

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American slang for a gullible and weak-minded person. A patsy is a fool, usually a person that has good intentions but is deceived easily. The term originated when Irish immigrants came over to the USA, during the potato famine in the 19th century. (i.e. patsy = St. Patrick) and loads of Irish people entering the working class, were easily gullible and duped by Americans crooks/fraudsters when they settled there. Another term that isn't used very much and is more rare is, "paddy". Americans were mostly Protestants too, so calling Irish people patsy was more insulting of their Catholicism than their actual ethnicity.

It is no longer derogatory against just Irish people or religion in the USA, and is now usually used in modern society by American dads to scold their sons. It's almost like saying "Don't be a gullible pussy".
Snake Oil Sellsman: hahahaha! Those damned patsy's were duped again by our quack cures, and making us richer. It's a good thing they decided to come here, trying to take the easy way out, instead of staying in Ireland.
by Charmouche September 28, 2016

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The coolest people ever. They make the best beer and food. And the best at Sports. (even more than Russia) Every other country that surrounds them steals their culture and blames them for everything. (They are all just jealous.)
That Serbian man can kick your scrawny Polish ass.
by Charmouche February 22, 2018

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The decade of cocaine, roller blading, weird fashion, the best sex, simpler times and the finest females. America was the number one place to be in the world. Also a time when New York and New Jersey (East Coast) were the hottest places, and took back America as the best place to be; from the previous West Coast and the South. Also the era when Japanese cars took over the American market in popularity. Like Mazda, Honda and Toyota.

And of course, some of the craziest music produced by human beings, ever.
Sometimes you wish society was just like the weird ol' 1980s.

To a European, if you were ADIDAS, you're an Eastern European. To an American, if you were ADIDAS you're representin' the retro 1980s.
by Charmouche February 18, 2017

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The most successful gang and terrorist organization in the USA.

They have gotten away with brainwashing gullible Americans into making themselves look like a legit organization; when in reality they are terrorists as they are not mentioned in the Constitution, and are more evil than the Italian Mafia and the Crips and Bloods.
That FBI agent came and investigated a home without a warrant, took away an innocent kids computer for no reason, and threaten to jail him if I didn't do what he wanted to do. All the while, the FBI agent is a secret pedophile and gets payed tons of cash for pretending to be tough guy.
by Charmouche October 12, 2016

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Probably the most potent benzo (anti-anxiety) drug out there. Must be taken with caution and great responsibility. It is very addicting, so the key is to use it in moderation. You can go up and talk to pretty much anyone and say almost anything with ease. It is good for parties and such, but you must first get a feel for the drug before doing or saying anything stupid. It also is a great tool for ADHD and studying, as it will get rid of any clouding. stress or illusions that are blocking your view.

So basically, you are disillusioned when taking and realize how much life up to age 18 with skills you have is pretty much worthless and predetermined; and realize just how messed-up and weird the world we live in really is.

Xanax turns off almost all of your emotions and helps you to access parts of your brain that are harder to access. You will realize how much most of society is an illusion and it's cultural influence is mostly irrelevant. It is similar to Marijuana in a way, only the major difference is, you have literally almost no emotions or fear, and the high is pretty small, and more like drinking alcohol and relaxing.
"I can't believe for most of my life I had to sit in a classroom being brainwashed to be a robot for 8 hours a day. They tell me --> What to think, what to do, when to do it, how to do it. What to think, what to do, when to do it, how to do it. What to think, what to do, when to do it, how to do it."

"After taking Xanax, I have finally learned to turn that mental block off and paint a perfect picture. And Mathematics is a breeze!"
by Charmouche December 15, 2016

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A person who commits a series of murders to a number of people. Many of them are very bright and intelligent. Usually, it is poor upbringing and confusion; that leads them to do these things. (note: I am not dignifying or condoning them.)
The cities in North America: Seattle, Washington, New Orleans, Louisiana; and Toronto, Ontario are often serial killer hotbeds and are renowned and claimed as serial killer capitals of the world. Be careful when you visit these cities.
by Charmouche May 01, 2018

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