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A fake person on the Internet who is a mocker with subtle jests.
Trolololol trolls shall rule da world.
by Charmouche March 23, 2017
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What the world is about to enter into, a second time. Hopefully I am wrong.
Trump won't be enough. Thanks to Obama, the Western world is going into another Dark Ages. I can feel it
by Charmouche February 20, 2017
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The decade of cocaine, roller blading, weird fashion, the best sex, simpler times and the finest females. America was the number one place to be in the world. Also a time when New York and New Jersey (East Coast) were the hottest places, and took back America as the best place to be; from the previous West Coast and the South. Also the era when Japanese cars took over the American market in popularity. Like Mazda, Honda and Toyota.

And of course, some of the craziest music produced by human beings, ever.
Sometimes you wish society was just like the weird ol' 1980s.

To a European, if you were ADIDAS, you're an Eastern European. To an American, if you were ADIDAS you're representin' the retro 1980s.
by Charmouche February 18, 2017
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Probably the most dangerous antidepressant out there. It's like the Xanax of antidepressants. You literally feel nothing on this drug and are easily irritable and irritated. Sometimes you want to become a psychopath on it, and have thoughts to hurt people or yourself. Some gangsters in the hood and corrupt cops take it with Xanax, whenever there is a gang/turf war and such, so they push it to the limit and don't feel any fear.

It is basically Psychiatric fraud and poison; soma for the masses. See: Brave New World But, big pharma don't want the common man mindless herd to know this. lol
Eric Harris of Columbine High School was a nice kid before he was prescribed Zoloft after becoming freshman at age 15, by his parents to ward off depression. Then Harris became a mental case with his bullying and went on a rampage with his friend, Dylan Klebold.
by Charmouche September 11, 2016
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Slang term for a pussified male. Basically a fruity young widdle wimpy fag-boy.
Are you going to take your cousin Jamie hunting? Nah bro, don't bring him, he ain't nothin' but a lil Joshua Boy. He'd cry like a baby the whole time, just cause he couldn't shoot one deer.
by Charmouche July 1, 2017
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A person who sells out to further their own cause. an opportunist, a chancer.
That guy who went to College sold his individuality to become a doctor, and became a dicksucker for the machine. He loves taking the blue pill and being a pseudo-intelligent sycophantic ass-kisser.
by Charmouche June 17, 2017
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Generally, a person who lacks common sense, street smarts and a sense of self. A slow witted person. One who does not know the ways of the world. One who does not know their ass from a hole in the ground. Easily manipulated & taken advantage of. Usually operates in a field that is way above their skill-level. Incompetent. An embarrassment. Essentially a tool; a useful idiot. The chump usually thinks he is cool and suffers from over-confidence; but is just a player and is being fooled before s/he knows it.
1. Tom Cruise is the classic definition of a chump. He thinks he is smart and cool, but Alas; falls into the barrel of laughs that is moronic, delusional Scientology.

2. Most Polish people from the country of Poland qualify as chumps. (Don't believe me? Hopefully find out for yourself one day. Such pathetic immigrants I have to deal with.)
by Charmouche June 13, 2014
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