Originated in england, to turn on someone after they have constantly pissed you off
" Oi did you see dat fight? craig was annoyin dave n dave jus switched on him! "
by Neva Prang March 26, 2005
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Last night at my house you were switched...so crazy!
by dara February 8, 2005
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To switch from a calm state to a raging state.
True Account:
Jason Ranjitkumar switched on Craig and threw him accross the air.

by hairymanharry September 13, 2009
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A person who vaccilates between dominant and submissive roles within sexual relations.
#1 Are you dom or sub?
#2 I like both. I'm switch.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
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Often used mainly in Chicago as a slang for Glock pistol. There's a part called switch which swiches glock from semi to full auto which is very prevalent in Chicago
Hit his lil with that *switch* I bet that *switch* switch up his nerves
by Endrit Lleshi May 13, 2021
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A hypothetical game that is played by placing the thumb of one's hand into one's own mouth while simultaneously placing the thumb on one's other hand into one's own anus, and then switching the thumb positions after an undetermined period of time. Most commonly used as a term to negatively express the passing of time with extreme inactivity or waiting. Very similar to the term "Grab Ass".
John: "Did you have a date with that girl last night?"
Tom: "Nah man, she said she'd call me back in 10 minutes but never did. I sat around the house playing 'switch-it' all night."
by BacchusJT December 13, 2010
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