Relate-able experience, following the status quo, something that many people do and would tweet about if they had the means to at the time
Today was so hashtag.
by Thathoodratshi August 28, 2013
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A million years ago when Facebook or some thing was invented people saw that there were a number of things in their picture (usually 1 piece of shit) so they took the number sign # and made it a Hashtag
#HASHTAG #Urbandictionary #Socialmedia #Somemoreshit
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by DumbDump234 July 30, 2017
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A symbol used excessively on social media platforms. In recent months, hashtags have been verbally used. If you speak in hashtags, you are a hashtagee. Spread the word: STOP USING VERBAL HASHTAGS
Joe: Yo look at that dude over there! He lifts 500!
Bob: Hashtag (#) Lifegoals
Joe: Wow you've gone that low.
by Noone Importantatall June 16, 2015
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The game played by crack babies when they grow up to become old enough to leave the house (usually around 3 years old.)
Let's go play hashtag over by the poppies.
by GoingLikeSixty May 15, 2009
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Derived from the use of the symbol followed by a nominated subject on Twitter.com (#<subject>) but has evolved to be an exclamation denoting an occurence, statement, or conversation has iconic status or a meta-meaning
A: He was still holding the dripping knife and meatcleaver while he addressed the camera-phones
B: Hashtag

A: That was a great set the band played
B: Hashtag
by ohnonotanotherid June 05, 2013
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A tagging system instagram and twitter use to make one's posts. Usually the hashtag has nothing to do with the pictures.
#nofilter #totallylegit #minecraft #selfie #nohomo #hashtag... (5500 other items hidden. Tap to view.)
by Darude- Sandstorm March 12, 2015
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