The process of trying to unload your drugs on your friends when you are pulled over by the police. Whoever you throw the drugs to then tries to throw the drugs to another friend similar to the childhood game of Hot Potato. The game ends when the cop walks up to the car window.
We were high as Cheech and Chong and driving to Humboldt when due to the sound of the police siren we had to play an epic game of hashtag.
by El Camino Real August 08, 2013
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when a group of people play tag after using copious amounts of pot.
Billy and his friends ate a bunch of hash brownies, then went out in the yard and played hash tag.
by gaburearu September 27, 2013
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Represented by the number sign, #. At one time, it was used for the designation of numbers. It is now widely used across social networks as the international bat signal for white women.
OMG look at these new shoes! #CutestThingEver #LetsCelebrateByVomitting #ICantEven #Hashtag #Hashtagception
by RaggedCoyote May 20, 2014
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A "hash tag" is slang for the "pound" symbol, A.K.A. "#," A.K.A. a very very small tic tac toe board found on a keyboard and your phone. Used on twitter more than anywhere else now.
Tweets are frequently preceded by a hash tag. Grandpa calls a hash tag a pound sign. Young douches who use twitter call a pound sign a hash tag.
by repealthe1968guncontrolact October 25, 2011
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The number symbol that people keep putting in front of phrases, like when they are going to do something.
Thank you twitter for starting something stupid like hashtag...
#number is really "number number"

#inmyshoe is really "number in my shoe"
#a is really "number a"
by HammedZippy January 23, 2016
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