A word that is used too much in the daily vocabulary of people, this means the word doesnt mean what it originally meant anymore. Similar to the term Overrated.

See: lol, gangster, dammit,
Gangster is an overused term because it used to mean someone who joined a gang and now its a new definition the media created, now its just a black guy who dresses like a rapper.
by Y0ur pseud0nym September 14, 2009
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is overused.
by Ae19 April 13, 2018
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A meme that was funny at first but has been used over and over again, so it becomes not funny anymore.
Person 1: I hate Jake Paul memes they're just a bunch of overused memes.
Person 2: I totally agree.
by Alfie Purdie August 17, 2017
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The act of over requesting urban dictionary lookups that are displayed publicly on words that everyone knows the meaning to for no apparent reason. These lookups may also be on every other word spoken in active conversation, but again are for no apparent reason. This act is completely unnecessary and highly annoying. Those who participate in this behavior should die in a bus fire and are often considered a failure at life.
piggy is a failure at life who frequently engages in the overuse of ud
by Don Juan D May 9, 2007
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Someine who overuses the term 69ing so it becomes annoying.
Mike: Hey let's 69 on our double date!
John: Dude wtf?
Mike: I can 69 your girlfriend and you 69 mine and we'll all 69 everybody!
John: Dude don't be a 69 Overuser.
by realdoorkonbh August 7, 2012
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Comebacks are usually used for like well roasting some poop I guess, but some comebacks that are overused that are used over and over again are kinda annoying, some "baddies" use tiktok comebacks cause they probably see it on their FYP but if you use a comeback that is so not original then you're probably lonely, so just stop using overused comebacks like this person did:
Amanda: "wow you're so uglyyy..also dont be one of those baddies using overused comebacksss
Susie: "maybe you should look in a mirror ugly poop"
by k1tt7y June 26, 2021
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A meme that has already past its best before date but is still being used.

While it can often refer to meme templates, you are most likely to come across one in the form of a YouTube comment. In fact, text-based memes are the ones that get overused and abused the most often.

When a meme is overused, it is most likely valued for its disposability and effortlessness in conveying a message (rather than trying to come up with something original).
Examples of overused memes:
- Among us, Amogus, sus, etc.
- "hold my beer"
- The versatile nobody: format
- "Is this a Jojo reference?"
- Drakeposting and its variants
- and much more
by UltimateDoge December 18, 2021
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