Of, or referring to a governor. This word is exceptionally weird, because it should be governorial or something. Like, when we elect a President, it's called a Presidential election, NOT a Presibentorial election.
"It's funny the way Arnold Schwartzneggar pronounces gubernatorial."
by star8706 September 20, 2003
Adj. relating to a governor, esp. of one of the 50 United States.
The California Gubernatorial Recall Election is getting CRAZY out of hand.

by Monique September 20, 2003
having to do with the government position of governor.
The 2004 gubernatorial race was going to be close.
by Autolycos September 18, 2003
Group activity involving the choking of one's chicken during heated political discourse.
Hey, man, those guys have gone all gubernatorial over at the democratic national convention.
by Chuck Wells September 23, 2003
the way Ahhnold pronounces Governer; pigs elected by idiots.
"Ahhl bee bawk to rehpruhzent de stayte o Galivornia in de Goobernatorial 'leckshuns."
by Guess September 22, 2003
of or pertaining to the government. also makes you sound stupid
The gubernatorial election was stupid
by rika-chan September 18, 2003
Someone or something running for a position in the Government, esp. Governor of California.
Arnold Schwartzenegger.
by Anonymous October 31, 2003